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Model 40PX - Utility Plant Powerhead Excavator Mounted Auger Drives



The Autoguide Utility spec excavator powerhead package 40PX has been widely recognised in the telecom and Electricity industry for many years. The unit allows the plant operator to utilise both the speed of augering for pole planting along with the ability to also install the screwed stays. This robust fixed speed unit fits all makes and models of excavator and backhoe from 5– 8T and increase pole planning efficiency over the standard buckets

Fold up stowage Bracket

This bespoke bracket allows the powerhead assembly to fold away for safe secure transport while also carrying the auger bit and stay tube driver. The unit can be easily detached by use of the quick hitch or removal of pins and changed for a bucket for other tasks

With the unit stowed it allows for easy loading of the PISA anchor system and maintenance checks

  • Total Weight 345kg
  • Torque 8,500 Nm
  • Speed 22 RPM
  • Flow 60 l/min
  • Pressure 275 BAR
  • Maximum Auger 20'
  • Excavator Size 6-8t Slew machine or Backhoe loader

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