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Model 4142H-4145H - Heavy Weight Drill Pipe (HWDP)


Integral heavy weight drill pipes are manufactured with AISI 4142H-4145H modified structural alloy steel, and the whole manufacture crafts are according to SY/T 5146-1997 standard. In a gradually developed intermediate weight, with a wall thickness between pipe and collar, the pipes are used as a kind of drill tool between pipe and collar with a gradual change of section plane to reduce drilling fatigue to prevent stress concentration at the top of the drill collars. It also allows you to drill at high speed with a reducing torture in case of different pressure sticking during directional well drilling works. Because of its relatively low steel strength, it reduces directional resisting and minimizes contact fatigue, both of which are common problems in large angle or horizontal drilling. The reduced number of pipe failures and increased drill pipe life also make it appropriate for some straight hole’s drilling.

Tri-Spiral Integral Heavy Weight Drill Pipes

Tubular King designed Tri-Spiral Integral Heavy Weight Drill Pipes to handle maximum stress to save time and reduce drilling costs especially in tough drilling environments.

Tri-Spiral Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

We have developed spiral weight drill pipes which can decreasec Contact area between hevi-wate drill pipes and hole wall, to avoid sticking accidents.

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