Model 42 Series - Process Analysers

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Model 42 Series - Process Analysers

Chemitec introducesx the 42 series family of industrial control instruments designed fot the measuring: pH/ORP, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, Turbidity, Suspended solids, Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxode, Ozone. Chemitec is able to satisfy the most common applications and moreover to develop specific solutions for the most demanding markets.


  • pH/ORP
  • DissolvedOxygen
  • Conductivity
  • Turbidity
  • Suspendedsolids
  • Chlorine
  • ChlorineDioxide
  • Ozone

Chemitec Devices for Process Analysis


  • Simultaneous values of the measure (numeric + bargraph) and Temperature.
  • Anolgue outputs values in scrolling.
  • Graphic icons showing: digital outputs’ state, data storage, washing cycle, alarms.
  • Ability to see the only measure in large format

Data storage

  • Internal Flash 4Mbit Memory (near to 16000 records).
  • Records interval: 1 ÷ 99 min
  • Type: Circular (F.I.F.O.) or Filling
  • Possibility of visualization of the stored data in tabular and graphic form, with indication of maximum, minimum and average values of the selected period.
  • Zoom function

PID Regolation

  • Functions: P – PI – PID. Activated on the analogue or digital outputs.
  • Proportional range: 0 ÷ 500%
  • Time of integral: 0:00 ÷ 5:00 min
  • Time of derivative: 0:00 ÷ 5:00 min

2 analogue outputs

  • Output 1 programmable for measure
  • Output 2 programmable for Measure / Temperature / PID regolation
  • Output limits are freely programmable between the range of measures.

4 digital outputs

  • ON –OFF Set Point: set of the operating range (hysteresis / direction) and of start/stop time 000 ÷ 999 Seconds
  • PID Regolation: Pulse frequency or PWM ( 2 set point)


  • Reporting: Instrumental anomalies, minimum, maximum, set point’s delay, permanence time (live check)
  • Delay time: 00:00 ÷ 59:99mm:ss at minimum steps of 15sec
  • Permanence time: 00:00 ÷ 99:99 hh:mm
  • Set Point disableing (in case of alarm): Enable / Disable
  • Relays functioning: Closed / Open

Electrode washing

  • Programming of the time leg
  • Frequency: 00:00 ÷ 24:00 hh:mm minimum time leg: programmable
  • During the washing phase, all digital and analogue outputs are freezed

Digital input

  • To disabile dosages RS485 Serial output
  • For set-up and real-time data acquisition from remote or for stored data download (using a dedicate-SW)
  • USB to download (software required)
  • MODBUS RTU communication protocol

Manual controls

  • Possibility to simulate all the analogue and digital outputs using the keyboard

Temperature compensation

  • Via Temperature sensor PT 100 with 3 o 4 wires, or PT 1000

Electrical Connections

Strathkelvin Instruments Ltd.
Strathkelvin Instruments Ltd.
Rowantree Avenue, Newhouse Industrial Estate
Motherwell , North Lanarkshire; ML1 5RX


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