Aurora Pump - Pentair Ltd

Aurora Pump - Pentair Ltd

Model 423 Series - Vertical Two Stage Split Case Pump



Model 423 is Vertically Mounted with an Elevated Driver Coupled Directly to Pump through a Flexible Coupling. Design Recommended where Floor Space is Limited and Flooding Chances are Marginal. Elevated Motor Protects Against Potential Flooding if the Pump Station is in a Low Area. Mechanical Seals on the 422 and 423 Models. Bronze-Fitted Pump Construction with Bronze Shaft Sleeves. Multi-Volute on 2' and Larger Pumps. Regreaseable Ball Bearings.

Applications Include:

  • Cooling, Heating and Air Conditioning Service
  • Boiler Feed Service
  • Condensate Service
  • High Pressure Water Service

CAPACITIES:  1800 GPM (409 M3/HR)

HEADS:  600 Feet (183 Meters)

TEMPERATURES:  275°F (135°C)

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