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Model 50GPM - Water Purification Plant


Samaritan Water builds containerized water purification plants to meet a variety of drinking water needs in small towns and cities and, especially, in large villages and urban areas in developing nations where infrastructure is poor to non-existent.  Starting at 50 gallons per minute (gpm), our systems can support the needs of a sizable population and fills a niche in the market between rural systems and the large urban systems which produce millions of gallons per day.

Samaritan Water combines its proprietary Magnetic Ballast Clarification (MBC) equipment with E Clear Technologies’  disinfection system, which combines their patented “Electronic Oxidation Process” with NASA developed Electronic Copper Ionization.  MBC removes the suspended solids.   Some additional filtration is added to ensure that the system meets WHO and industry standards for turbidity.  And the E Clear disinfection system eliminates the threat from bacteria, viruses and other waterborne pathogens while also providing residual disinfection protection producing a quality, chlorine-free drinking water solution.

Our 50 Gallon per Minute system is going to be the industry standard in its class for size and production volume.  The containerized system provides ease of set-up and protection from the elements.  The system components are robust, easy to operate and maintain.  Virtually plug and play ready, these systems can help to avoid the waste of time and resources that large projects of comparable volumes can take in developing nations.

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