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- Model SP 5088 - 6 x 40-53 mm Shredder Baler Combination



With this waste disposal station, HSM combines the FA 500.3 large document shredder with a channel baling press. It is therefore perfect for use in archives or central stations for document shredding, even in large quantities, which are then compressed into bales of up to 90 kg as needed.

'Made in Germany' quality

The high quality materials and proven HSM 'Made in Germany' quality guarantee you are receiving a safe and durable machine.

Solid steel cutting rollers

The induction-hardened, solid steel cutting rollers can easily cope with staples and paper clips and guarantee durability.

For continuous operation

The powerful motor ensures a high cutting capacity and reliable continuous operation.

Multifunction element for intuitive operation

Our multifunction element means that anyone and everyone can use the device intuitively without having to undergo extensive training.

User safety through emergency off rail

Safety is a high priority for HSM and so we have incorporated an emergency off safety bar on the loading table, which stops the device when pressure is applied.

Anti-paper jam function

The automatic return eliminates paper jams and ensures a smooth operation.

Automatic oiler

We have integrated an automatic oiler into the device which will ensure it runs smoothly, giving you a consistently high cutting capacity and quality.

Light barrier for automatic start

During the shredding process, an integrated light barrier starts the compression process automatically. It is therefore possible to feed the machine continuously without interruption.

  • Article Number: 000000002990414124
  • EAN: 4026631045490
  • Cutting width: 6 mm
  • Particle length: 40-53 mm
  • Cutting type: Particle cut
  • Security level (DIN 66399): P-3, O-2, T-3, E-2
  • Cutting capacity in sheets 80g/m²: 340-380
  • Cutting capacity in sheets 70g/m²: 400 - 450
  • Shredder material
  • Intake width: 500 mm
  • Cutting speed: 210 mm/s
  • Throughput capacity per hour: 480 kg
  • Pressing power: 85 kN
  • Bale length: 400 mm
  • Bale width: 500 mm
  • Bale height (up to): 500 mm
  • Bale weight, depending on material (up to): 90 kg
  • Driving power: 11.5 kW
  • Voltage: 400 V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Width x Height x Depth: 1246 x 1795 x 3222 mm
  • Weight: 1797 kg
  • Colour: light grey

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