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Versatile yet robust and waterproof, the Photometer 7500 is designed to provide laboratory accuracy in a connected multiparameter photometer for field use. Ideal for drinking water testing, the range of parameters ensure the Photometer 7500 is equally useful for wastewater and industrial water analysis.

At home in the works laboratory or operating remotely at the sample point, the Photometer 7500 features:

  • USB connectivity to download up to 500 results, method upload for User Defined Tests, new application updates and remote control – maintains the IP67 waterproof rating when the USB cable is connected!
  • Designed for the Palintest System – tablet reagents, liquid reagents and the Tubetests® range of nutrients, heavy metals and COD testing reagents
  • Large backlit LCD screen with multilingual interface, automatic test prompts, dilution correction and choice of result units.

Provided in a choice of two comprehensive field kits, the Photometer 7500 is a reliable and intuitive water testing instrument designed to simplify the process of generating critical water quality data.

Intuitive User Interface

  • The large, backlit LCD screen and waterproof membrane keypad provides a simple user interface, in a choice of languages. Select the parameter of interest from the full list of over 100 methods or access the method quickly using the unique reference number.  The Photometer 7500 conveniently stores the last tests used in a ‘favourites’ list for rapid selection.

Multiple Power Options

  • Powered via the USB connection (mains adaptor or PC connection) or 3 x ‘AA’ batteries, the instrument manages the power selection automatically and provides power management through back-light control and auto-shut down.

Adaptive Cell Holder

  • Cuvettes provided with the instrument have a 20 mm OD for use with the Palintest system of tablet reagents. Tubetests® reagents are provided pre-dispensed into 16 mm OD tubes and the unique cuvette adaptor will ensure accurate centering of the cuvette on insertion.

Large Data Memory with Simple Download

  • Results produced are stored automatically in the large data storage with time, date, method number and units selected. Optionally, the Sample ID can be added to the result for rapid identification.
  • To download data, connect the USB cable to a PC and the Photometer 7500 will appear as an external hard drive. Data is stored in a comma separated variable (CSV) format and can be copied into spreadsheet programs directly without requiring any bespoke software.

Field Updates

  • Updating firmware and adding the latest calibration files are equally as simple – drag and drop is all that is required.

Remote Control

  • Operating as a serial communication connection for remote control and direct data exchange, the Photometer 7500 can directly input data into external management systems such as LIMS. More details on how to connect remotely and COM port device drivers can be downloaded from the Know area.

Wide Range of Methods Including User-Defined Options

  • With a comprehensive range of parameters and methods to support even the most demanding water testing requirements, the opportunity also exists to add up to 30 User Defined Tests and upload via the USB port. A simple executable routine is available in the download section to support simple User Defined Test creation.

Choice of Kits

  • Choose from the comprehensive Photometer 7500 Kit or the more extensively equipped Photometer 7500 Engineers’ Kit specifically designed for the mobile water service engineer. Both kits contain everything required to start water testing immediately with the exception of reagents.

Warranty and Support

  • As with all Palintest multiparameter and compact photometers, the Photometer 7500 is provided with a two year warranty as standard.

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