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Model 7510-AS - Autosampler


The Agilent 7510-AS Autosampler is capable of running up to twelve unattended, high resolution samples with random access to all sample locations. The autosampler's air-actuated drive mechanism is compatible with even the highest magnetic field strength and sensors to verify the sample location. The sample holder is easily removed from its base, allowing off-line sample loading. The 7510-AS is flexible and easy-to-use and allows users to add or remove samples either while the unit is on or away from the magnet. Electroless nickel plated aluminum construction with Rulon bearings ensure low maintenance and a long life. The 7510-AS Autosampler accommodates Agilent 400 950 MHz NMR systems.


  • Automation - fast random access for up to 12 samples.
  • Easy-operation - fully integrated with VnmrJ 3 software. Easily organize, track and manage the entire workflow.
  • Versatile - switch between single-sample walk-up” mode, semi-automatic, or full batch mode with one click of a button.
  • Flexible - accommodates all sample tube diameters from capillaries to 10 mm NMR tubes as well as all tube lengths from 4 in. to 9 in.
  • Safe and reliable - on-board sensors monitor operation and ensure reliable and safe operation.

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