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Model 795 - Anchoring Stick



The anchoring stick is a component of the protective equipment against falls from height, used in the fall arrest system, in order to create an anchoring point of the flexible anchoring support on the metallic consoles of the poles and on the lattices of the metallic poles of HV overhead lines. The anchoring stick can be used only by one person, whose PPE must contain a fall arrest system with a guiding type fall arrester, specified in SR EN 353-2:2003. In order to properly anchor the user, the anchoring point created with this anchoring stick must always be above the operator's working position

The equipment is composed of an insulating stick from 2 detachable modules, the upper module having in the end fixed permanently a metallic anchoring hook, CA 152A.

In order to prevent the accidental lifting of the stick from the working position, the device can be delivered with a strap, in order to tie the hook from the pole.
The snap hook that connects the stick with the anchoring support, the flexible anchoring support and the guided type fall arrest system with energy absorber and connector are nor included in the device but can be ordered separately.

Maximum operating load (operator weight + accessories) (daN) 120

Minimum static breaking force of the hook (daN) 1000

Hook opening (mm) 152

Hook dimensions (mm) 263 x 473

Insulating stick dimensions Length 3500 mm / Modules diameter PAFS Ø42 mm

Assembly dimensions (stick + hook) (mm) 263 x 3917

Weight (stick + hook) (kg) 4,4

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