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- Model 86 Series - Suparator Units



Suparator units are the devices that do the actual separation. The special, patented, Suparator construction inside concentrates the oil  and separates it without water or chemicals.

Suparator® units are available in a large number of models and sizes from 300 liters volume and 500 l/h capacity up to 12.000 liters volumen and 25 m3/ capacity. The smaller unit, series 83, 84 and 86, require a feed pump with a constant flow, the larger 88 series units can handle a fluctuating flow and can be used with gravity feed or pump feed.

The series 86 units, with only two adjustments, make a very reliable and versatile system, which is used in large numbers in many industries and applications. Thanks to a wide range of powerful extensions, like flush headers and rake skimmers, the units can be used for the most challenging applications. With a  flow ranging from 750 to 1200 l/h, they are suitable for aqueous cleaning baths of up to 5.000 liters in volume, to control the oil concentration and maximize the life of the medium. The are also used for coolant systems and many other applications.

With a footprint of 1.2 x 0,5 m2 they are very compact and easily integrated in existing situations. The standard configurations, fully assembled and tested prior to shipment, make it a unit which is easily installed and started up.

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