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Model 900 - Touch Control



Operating unit for the Titrandos, USB Sample Processors, 856 Conductivity Module, 867 pH Module and 846 Dosing Interface. Touch-sensitive, high-resolution color display, simple and intuitive operation, thanks to favorites for direct method access. With integrated Ethernet interface for direct connection to the Internet and USB interface for connecting USB printers or a USB memory stick.

As powerful as a PC, smaller than a Netbook and a brilliant color display – that is the 900 Touch Control. This new operating module makes titration in routine operations simpler, safer and faster than ever before. The most important functions and the advantages are listed below:

Link up to 14 methods with a Favorites icon on the Start screen. Your standard methods are immediately present and can be started at the tap of the touchscreen. It could not be simpler.

USB interface
USB interface for connecting a local printer, a keyboard or a mouse. Methods and determination data can be stored directly on a USB Memory Stick and then uploaded again in the 900 Touch Control as needed.

Ethernet and LIMS
Ethernet interface for access to the Intranet. Reports may be printed by means of a network printer or stored on the network. Method archiving and transfer of determination data directly into your LIMS.

PDF generator
Tamper-proof PDF reports are generated without a PC that can be printed out directly or stored on a network drive or on a USB Memory Stick.

Multi-language dialog
Ni Hao! In addition to the standard languages of German, English, French and Spanish, dialog in Chinese is now also available. Additional languages, including Japanese and Russian, will soon follow.

Automatic electrode test
Faulty electrodes are detected immediately. The reliability and reproducibility of your results is thus guaranteed.

Autostart for coulometric Karl Fischer titration
Injected the sample into the titration vessel, but forgot to start the titration beforehand? The measurement needs to be repeated. This will never happen again with the 900 Touch Control and the Titrando. The instrument starts the titration automatically, as soon as the sample is added.

Conformance with standards
The 900 Touch Control fulfils FDA Regulation 21 CFR, Part 11. This means that you are always on the safe side when it comes to audits.

The 900 Touch Control is compatible with:
808, 809, 835, 836, 841, 842, 851, 852, 857, 888, 890, 901, 902, 904, 905, 906, 907 Titrandos
846 Dosing Interface
856 Conductivity Module
867 pH Module
814 USB Sample Processor
815 Robotic USB Sample Processor
815 Robotic Soliprep
855 Robotic Titrosampler
855 Robotic Analyzers.

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