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rotating screen equipment

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    Girapac and Girasieve - Rotating Drum Screens for Wastewater Pre-Treatment

    The Girapac is an enclosed, compact, and stand-alone unit, mainly for full pre-treatment of wastewater entering municipal and industrial WWTPs. This type of rotating drum screen has three main functions: solid/liquid separation, compacting, and bagging of waste. ANDRITZ rotating drums – Girapac and Girasieve - are enclosed, compact, and ...

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    ASTIM - Model ITI - Inner Fed Rotating Drum Screens

    Inner Fed Rotating Drum Screens “ITI” are originally, developed for the paper industry. But the system has been used for clarification plants and in many branches of industry for wastewater treatment. So “ITI” has become a general purpose self cleaning micro screening equipment which is suitable for both municipal and ...

    By ASTIM A.S. based in Gebze - Kocaeli, TURKEY. from Inner Fed Rotating Drum Screens Product line

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    ASTIM - Model DTI - Outer Fed Rotating Drum Screens

    Outer Fed Rotating Drum Screens “DTI” are continuously operating screening system with automatic cleaning device. DTI is general purpose self cleaning micro screening equipment which is suitable for both municipal and industrial water, wastewater treatment plants as well as the applications for collection of recyclable materials. But ...

    By ASTIM A.S. based in Gebze - Kocaeli, TURKEY. from Outer Fed Rotating Drum Screens Product line

  • Rotating Screens

    The rotating screen is a machine usually placed upriver of the  municipal solid waste treatment plant, following a shredder  or a bag breaking/dosage system. The rotating screens are machines used for the mechanical pre-treatment of  municipal solid waste and they allow a dimensional selection ...

    By I.T.R. based in Spresiano - Treviso, ITALY.

  • Model ZPS - Rotational Screen

    ZENO plane screen following the free-swinging principal with circular horizontal movement. Capacities up to 250 m³/h can be reached. ZENO Rotational screens with high rate screen efficiency and self-cleaning effect. Bolted screen plates in maintenance-friendly design. Optional maintenance flaps with quick-locks for rapid screen ...

    By ZENO Zerkleinerungsmaschinenbau Norken GmbH based in Norken, GERMANY. from Rotational Screen Product line

  • Profilter - Rotating Screens

    PROFILTER - the new generation of rotating screens is the result of many years of experience in water treatment, particularly at water intakes for heat and power generating plants. A thorough analysis of technical problems arisign in the process of use and maintenance of existing designs has led to a new design of rotating screen, providing for ...

    By Profilter Sp z o.o. based in Piastow, POLAND.

  • CRIFI Crushing Plant - Model VTS Series - Rotating Screen

    Rotating screens VTS are used for the cleaning and selection of fluvial not too much dirty materials. These machines are assembled with sturdy structures. Inside the machines the rolled plate vane allows the advance of the material; the armour on the entrance of the material and the perforated plates, are installed by means of bolts that help ...

    By CRIFI Crushing Plant based in Mondolfo (PU), ITALY. from Rotating Screen Product line

  • Flo-Drum - Rotating Screen

    The Flo-Drum fine screen provides the ultimate in high screenings capture efficiency for municipal and industrial wastewater applications.  The rotating drum’s triple seal and exterior cleaning brush and water spray enhance capture and keep even small  solids inside the screen drum. Screenings capture on the interior of the drum ...

    By Enviro-Care Company - a WAMGROUP® company based in Gurnee, ILLINOIS (USA). from Rotating Screen Product line

  • Rotating Screen

    The screening drums are delivered in different sizes with variable screening perforations depending on requirements of capacity, material composition and application.

    By Coparm Srl based in Ferrandina (Mt), ITALY. from Rotating Screen Product line

  • CRIFI Crushing Plant - Model VTSM Series - Trommel Rotating Screen

    VTSM rotating screens, also called bar screen, are studied in a specific way for the cleaning of the material. Their scope is very broad, from the recycling of materials coming from the crushing to the waste industry.

    By CRIFI Crushing Plant based in Mondolfo (PU), ITALY. from Trommel Rotating Screen Product line

  • Model ConSieve - Conveyor Screen and Rotating Screen

    ConSieve is a compact and economic screen for the separation, dewatering and transport of screenings. The ConSieve is specifically designed for the flow of the plant, separation requirements, separation requirements and outlet height. Also, for ease of maintenance and cleaning, U-troughs with removable covers are included. ConSieve is delivered in ...

    By Conpura AB based in Ålem, SWEDEN. from Conveyor Screen and Rotating Screen Product line

  • Flo-DrumSieve - Rotating Drum Screen

    The Flo-DrumSieve screen with stainless steel wedgewire media has a unique advantage – a very small footprint relative to the high flow rates and solids loading it can handle.  Municipal and industrial customers have found it to be one of the most flexible screens to install.  Wedgewire is the recognized standard for scum screening ...

    By Enviro-Care Company - a WAMGROUP® company based in Gurnee, ILLINOIS (USA). from Rotating Drum Screen Product line

  • Wa-Tech - Model Type MC - Rotating Fine Screen

    Our Rotating Fine Screen Type MC is a screen with a continuous filter belt. Hereby and in bond with our hydraulic design the best cleaning result will be accomplished. In addition our patented filter belt can be build up to a width to 4200mm without a chain inside or a middelchain. Gap width of 1,0mm to 30,0mm are realisable without any problems.

    By Wa-Tech Gmbh based in Gross-Zimmern, GERMANY. from Rotating Fine Screen Product line

  • Model RD series - Rotating Drum Screens

    GloTech’s RD series rotating drum screen system combines a wedge wire screening basket (perforated screen also available), screw conveyor, and compactor. The unit provides high separation efficiencies along with low maintenance and screenings removal costs. The RD screen’s low-cost, high quality stainless steel fabrication makes it an ...

    By GloTech Corporation based in Coral Springs, FLORIDA (USA). from Rotating Drum Screens Product line

  • Model VLR - Rotating Washing Screen

    Rotating washing screens, mod. VLR, are mainly suited for alluvial materials with normal impurity contents. These machines are made up of a first chamber made of steel plates for washing purpose. Water is introduced through a piping system at the centre of the machine and then it is discharged together with the impurities. Once most of the ...

    By Baioni Crushing Plants Spa based in Monte Porzio, ITALY. from Rotating Washing Screen Product line

  • SISMAT - Rotating Disc Screen

    Rotating Disc Screens are self-cleaning fine screens with an opening size of 50-200 microns. They are the ideal screen type to be utilised in the treatment of fibrous wastewaters such as those originating from the textile or pulp and paper industries, as well as in the protection of heat exchangers. They are also used in process water preparation.

    By SISMAT ULUSLARARASI LTD. STI. based in KOCAELI, TURKEY. from Rotating Disc Screen Product line

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    ANDRITZ Aqua-Screen - Model ACZ - Decanter Centrifuge for Efficient Plastics Recycling

    Plastics recycling has become much more specialized. The recycling aspects are being included more and more in the conception of new products. New, improved technologies have been developed in response to current concerns about the recycling of products at the end of their lifetime. These technologies now include the recycling of post-consumer ...

  • Model VR - Rotating Screen for Lead Battery Recycling Plant

    The rotating screen in the lead battery recycling plant separates the milled batteries according to the size of the pieces.

    By STC srl based in Corigliano Calabro, ITALY.

  • Drumtec - Fed Rotating Drum Screen

    Drumtec is a rotating drum screen built for heavy pretreatment applications such as draining, mud thickening, and sandy or industrial water treatment. This product is highly recommended for membrane bioreactor (MBR) treatment plants. In more technical details, this is an Internally Fed Rotary Drum Screen with a pinion and rack driving system that ...

    By Aqualitec Corp. based in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Fed Rotating Drum Screen Product line

  • Raptor - Rotating Drum Screen (RDS)

    An excellent screenings solution for applications requiring removal of small particles, the Raptor® Rotating Drum Screen’s high removal efficiency meets the needs of Membrane Biological Reactor (MBR) designs. Using either a perforated plate or wedge wire basket with openings ranging from 0.02 to 0.25-inches (0.5 to 6 mm) this screen ...

    By Lakeside Equipment Corporation based in Bartlett, ILLINOIS (USA). from Rotating Drum Screen (RDS) Product line

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