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runoff equipment

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    Tough Guy - Staked Turbidity Barriers

    Staked Barriers are continuous panels of impervious vinyl-polyester fabric that, installed correctly, can contain stormwater runoff or re-direct it to proper channels or retention areas. On-land installation is similar to that of silt fence, with 8 inches below grade and 36 inches above grade attached to stakes. Staked Barriers can also be ...

    By L & M Supply Company based in Willacoochee, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Staked Turbidity Barriers Product line

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    Onset HOBO - Model U24-001 - Conductivity-Salinity Logger

    This high-accuracy conductivity logger is a cost-effective way to collect water quality data. The HOBO U24 measures and records both conductivity and temperatures in streams, lakes, and other freshwater sources. This logger is recommended for monitoring aquifers for saltwater intrusion and road and agricultural runoff. This product’s open ...

    By MeterMall USA based in Marysville, OHIO (USA). from Conductivity-Salinity Logger Product line

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    Proco ProFlex™ - Model Style 790 - Low Headloss In-Line Rubber Duckbill Check Valves

    The ProFlex Style 790 Low Headloss In-Line Rubber Check Valve design allows for a passive flow and allows the valve to be installed without having to do any modifications to existing structures or costly pre-install planning. The unique fold away design of the inner sleeve also allows for a near full port flow, allowing for quick drainage. The ...

    By Proco Products, Inc. based in Stockton, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Low Headloss In-Line Rubber Duckbill Check Valves Product line

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    The Grate Bag

    The Grate Bag traps sand, debris, and most silt particles before they enter the sump or pipes. Costly basin and pipe system cleaning is reduced. Best of all, The Grate Bag can be reused. The Grate Bag is a Best Management Practice, which is normally used in conjunction with other BMP’s to reduce the impact of sedimentation. Use of The Grate ...

    By L & M Supply Company based in Willacoochee, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from The Grate Bag Product line

  • Smart Vault - Stormwater Vault Treatment Unit

    The Smart Vault is a comprehensive and cost effective solution for treating stormwater runoff. The vault utilizes the Smart Sponge filtration media in the form of Smart Paks, and can be retrofitted into existing collection systemsor included in new construction or redevelopment projects.

    By AbTech Industries Inc based in Scottsdale, ARIZONA (USA).

  • Erosion Farm Pollution Control

    We have developed here in New Zealand over the last 7 years a single product that will: stop riverbank erosion, reduce farm runoff, strengthen levees, create a stable growing platform, prevent beach erosion. We are currently running government funded trials on all of the above with outstanding results. Our product consists of galvanized steel ...

    By A & E Solutions. based in Dunedin, NEW ZEALAND.

  • R-Tank - Underground Stormwater Systems

    R-Tank stormwater modules provide underground storage for runoff. They can be used in detention, infiltration, and rainwater harvesting applications.

    By ACF Environmental based in Richmond, VIRGINIA (USA). from Underground Stormwater Systems Product line

  • Fostop - Lime Filter Application for Treatment

    Nordkalk developed the Fostop lime filter application for treatment of the runoff waters from fields and animal farms. The method reduces phosphorus leaching and eutrophication of watercourses. The phosphorus runoff from fields along with rain water is a well-known problem. Traditional ways of preventing it have been e.g. using wide exclusion ...

    By Nordkalk Corporation based in Pargas, FINLAND.

  • Spill Containment Decks

    Spill containment decks are an efficient way to keep contaminants such as grease, hydrocarbons, and oil from polluting stormwater runoff.

  • Green Roof Monitoring System

    Green roofs can reduce stormwater runoff, act as natural building insulation, and offer a more aesthetically pleasing environment. NexSens real-time monitoring systems can help assess the benefits of these green roofs.

    By NexSens Technology, Inc based in Fairborn, OHIO (USA). from Green Roof Monitoring System Product line

  • Butek - Airport Spillway Lagoon Lining

    Providing safe containment for fuel and chemical spillages and runway runoff is vital for the safe operation of airports and military airbases. Butek Landline supplies and installs specialist fuel resistant liners suitable for use with Jet Fuel A1 and Glycol De-icers and can provide engineered solutions for specific applications.

    By Butek Landline based in Billericay, UNITED KINGDOM. from Airport Spillway Lagoon Lining Product line

  • Model MD-2 - Acid Mine Drainage Test Kit, Drop Count Titration

    Acid Mine Drainage: In areas where strip mining has occurred, runoff is often either acidic or alkaline and may contain large amounts of soluble metal salts. It could cause pH changes or otherwise contaminate lakes or streams, kill fish, and bans on public use may result. Acid Mine Drainage Test Kit Model MD-2 provides the analytical capabilities ...

  • MetalZorb - Metals Removal Media

    MetalZorb is a non-toxic, biodegradable, organic polymer that is ideal for reducing, removing and recovering dissolved heavy metals and metallic ions in applications where rapid capture is required. Applications include stormwater runoff, industrial effluent, landfill leachates, precious metal recovery and land remediation.

    By CleanWay Environmental Partners, Inc. based in Portland, OREGON (USA).


    T.E.C. Mat™ Coir is a natural Fibre matting made from 100% natural coconut fibre that is spun and woven into a matting available in various densities. T.E.C. Mat™ Coir is an open weave geotextile that is fully biodegradable adding organic matter to the soil. As coir is an abundant and renewable resource, T.E.C. Mat™ Coir provides a range of ...

    By Total Erosion & Pollution Control Pty Ltd based in Campbelltown, AUSTRALIA.

  • Model OSR - Stormceptor Systems

    The Stormceptor OSR is optimized to remove oil and sediment from stormwater runoff. Recommended applications include pretreatment and redevelopment/retrofit projects to meet your water quality objectives.

    By Imbrium Systems Inc. based in Whitby, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Stormceptor Systems Product line

  • CleanWay Storm Clean - Curb Inlet Filtration Inserts

    The CleanWay Storm Clean curb inlet filtration inserts are highly effective at capturing and removing pollutants from stormwater runoff. They can be used in curb inlets for direct capture at the source, as well as pretreatment for Underground Injection Controls (UIC), as secondary devices in treatment trains for protection of downstream devices ...

    By CleanWay Environmental Partners, Inc. based in Portland, OREGON (USA).

  • Next - Retention Basins

    Retention basins are used to store and control excessive volumes generated by surface runoff. Recon type reinforced concrete chambers provide excellent resistance, load capacity, durability and are adapted to meet any municipal and environmental standard.

    By Next Stormwater Solutions based in S.-de-Valleyfield, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • UltraTech - Model Recycled - Drain Guards

    Keep oil and sediment from entering catch basins with environmentally friendly inserts. Made completely out of Ultra-X-Tex material - 100% recycled content. Superior water flow rate (151 gal/ft.2), together with built-in overflow ports prevents ponding and flooding. Ultra-X-Tex material captures silt and sediment from runoff in addition to ...

    By UltraTech International, Inc. based in Jacksonville, FLORIDA (USA). from Drain Guards Product line

  • Retro-Fit Catch Basin Insert

    Specifically designed to contain sediment, trash and control construction site runoff. Fits in round or square catch basins Holds up to 350lbs of sediment and debris Capable of reducing hydrocarbons Durable frame with replaceable bags.

    By based in Stamford, CONNECTICUT (USA).

  • Terra-Tubes - Storm Water Treatment Device

    Terra-Tubes are the industry's most cost-effective storm water treatment device - designed to effectively trap, filter and treat sediment-laden runoff while reducing hydraulic energy. Terra-Tubes Fiber Filtration Tubes are engineered composites of wood fibers, man-made fibers and performance-enhancing polymers - all encased in heavy-duty ...

    By Green Patch Environmental Consulting Ltd. (GPEC) based in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Storm Water Treatment Device Product line

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