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steam turbine control system equipment

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    ANDRITZ - Model BDS - Belt Drying System for Sludge

    Municipal sludge drying and granulation using waste heat. The patented ANDRITZ AG belt drying system (BDS) is characterized by its flexibility and ability to use a wide range of energy sources, particularly low-grade waste energy. BDS can be used for drying a broad range of products, such as industrial and municipal sludge, cow manure, biomass, as ...

    By ANDRITZ Separation - ANDRITZ Group based in Graz, AUSTRIA. from Belt Drying System for Sludge Product line

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    Hilliard HILCO - Model ST - Adsorbent Cartridges

    Selexsorb GT is a patented adsorbent specifically designed for use with Fyrquel gas turbine lube and hydraulic control fluids. These cartridges maintain the original quality of fluids for prolonged periods, reducing the need for fluid changeouts and increasing equipment life.

    By The Hilliard Corporation - Star Systems Filtration Division based in Elmira, NEW YORK (USA). from Adsorbent Cartridges Product line

  • Emission Control Systems

    For gas turbines up to 100MW, IST is now providing solutions to help meet the increasingly stringent demands of environmental regulations. IST has the experience and knowledge to reduce your plant emissions while you continue to simply generate more profit.

    By Innovative Steam Technologies based in Cambridge, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Model Renolin Eterna - Turbine Oils

    RENOLIN ETERNA turbine oils were developed to satisfy the increasing demands of today’s turbine oils and to facilitate a degree of rationalisation in gas and steam plants. The excellent properties of the base oils produced in a special process are enhanced using a carefully selected additive system. RENOLIN ETERNA oils contain no metal ...

    By FUCHS Lubricants UK PLC based in Stoke-on-Trent, UNITED KINGDOM. from Turbine Oils Product line

  • HEINZMANN - Sensors for Digital Control Systems

    HEINZMANN offers complete solutions for the monitoring and control of engines and turbines. This involves a complete range of high-quality sensors that are fully customisable and can be configured to match any product specification.

    By HEINZMANN GmbH & Co. KG based in Schönau, GERMANY. from Sensors for Digital Control Systems Product line

  • Graham - Steam Surface Condensers

    By producing a vacuum at the turbine discharge, condensers increase the overall cycle efficiency. Graham has more than 70 years of design and fabrication experience in the steam surface condenser field. Our knowledge allows for an expedient, accurate design and fabrication process. Using design methodologies and practices that have been honed over ...

    By Graham Corporation based in Batavia, NEW YORK (USA). from Steam Surface Condensers Product line

  • Turbine Bypass Valve

    BOMAFA designs complete turbine bypass systems for high, medium and low pressure systems according to customer specifications. Investments and operating costs are minimized by a comprehensive adjustment of the entire system - ranging from HP Bypass to dump tubes at the condenser. Any design is made in accordance with the latest construction ...

    By BOMAFA Armaturen GmbH based in Bochum, GERMANY. from Turbine Bypass Valve Product line

  • Fluideco - Sampling Systems

    FLUIDECO sampling systems are used in power plants and in those industrial processes where it is needed to CONTROL AND MONITOR WATER QUALITY. In power plants it is needed to control the water/steam cycle characteristics in order to avoid damage to the components of the circuit as the steam turbine and the boilers. In order to analyze the water's ...

    By Fluideco based in Madrid, SPAIN.

  • Steam Vent Silencer

    Sound Technologies engineers and fabricates steam vent silencers to meet each clients individual project goals. Each steam vent silencer (gas silencer) is designed to attenuate the noise generated by the expansion of gas or steam from elevated pressures to atmospheric pressure. Pressurized steam or gas leaving a pipe can result in turbulent flow ...

    By Sound Technologies based in Michigan City, INDIANA (USA).

  • HotShot - Inline Steam Heater

    Komax steam heater models have been successfully installed in oil refineries, large industrial buildings for the general heating of water, food processing plants for the heating of slurries, pulp and paper mills for the heating of paper pulp stock streams.

    By Komax Systems, Inc. based in Huntington Beach, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Inline Steam Heater Product line

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    Lumex Instruments - Model AH-1 - Total Hardness Water Analyzer

    AH-1 analyzer is designed for continuous automatic monitoring of total content of calcium and magnesium salts (total hardness) in water. Analyzer performs automatic monitoring of water stream for technological processes of water treatment, power generation industry, for environmental monitoring. The analyzer does not consume any chemicals during ...

    By Lumex Instruments Group based in Mission, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

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    Lancom - Model 4 - Compact Portable Multigas Analyser System

    Compact portable multigas analyser, capable of measuring up to eight flue gases in a range of combustion and emissions processes. Lancom 4 delivers the complete solution for portable flue gas analysis, integrated into a compact battery-powered unit able to measure up to eight gases simultaneously with nine separate sensors. Simple to set-up and ...

    By AMETEK Land based in Dronfield, UNITED KINGDOM. from Compact Portable Multigas Analyser System Product line

  • ANA - Steam Jet Vacuum Plants

    Typical applications for multi-stage steam jet vacuum pumps comprise plants for the rectification, evaporation, drying, sublimation, degassing, condensation, polymerisation and deodorising. Two-stage plants are predominantly used for the ventilation of turbine condensers.  Just as with other pump types, the compression ratio of ...

    By ANA Prozesstechnik GmbH based in Merseburg, GERMANY. from Steam Jet Vacuum Plants Product line

  • Model RN7 - Hygienic Turbine Flowmeters

    The RN7 hygienic turbine flowmeters are specifically designed for the measurement of liquid flow in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

    By Apollo Flow Measurement Ltd. based in Walsall, UNITED KINGDOM. from Hygienic Turbine Flowmeters Product line

  • KTI - Emission Reduction System

    Complete turnkey services are available — Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning for any Emission Reduction project, including: Process Furnaces (Crude, Vacuum, Coker, CCR, Charge Heaters). Gas Turbines - Simple and Combined Cycle. Boilers and IC Engines. Reformer Furnaces. Ethylene & EDC Crackers. Steam ...

    By KTI Kinetics Technology International based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Custom Packaged Systems

    GL-TURBO can meet any demanding specification or design. Choose us for your custom packaged system when the application requires specific design and performance beyond standard. Pressure or Vacuum, Air or Hazardous Gas, Non-classified areas or Explosion Proof, Class 1 Division 1 or Zone 0, we can be your ONE SOURCE SOLUTION. We can custom ...

    By GL-Turbo, LLC based in City of South Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Custom Packaged Systems Product line

  • Cobey - Gas Conditioning Skids System

    A Gas Conditioning Skid is designed to pre-treat natural gas and other combustible gasses prior to injecting into a critical process or a Gas Turbine Generator. The skid performs two functions; remove all liquid droplets and solid contaminants from the gas, and adjust the gas temperature to the injection requirements. Different styles of filter ...

    By Cobey Inc based in Buffalo, NEW YORK (USA). from Gas Conditioning Skids System Product line

  • Demineralizer Systems

    For Removal of all Total Dissolved Solids. 'Most commonly used process to remove dissolved impurities'.  Commercial & Industrial, Two Bed Demineralizer Systems. All water contains dissolved minerals. When in solution water separates into negatively charged anions, and its counterpart positively charged cations. A process known as ...

    By Excellent Solutions Water Equipment Trading (EXSO) based in Ajman & Sharjah, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.

  • Model DTP & DTP-SS - Discrete Tortuous Path Valve

    ABV Energy supplies complete de-superheated Systems for Turbine Bypass lines, formed by DTP SS CONTROL VALVE used to control pressure reducing and SPRAY WATER CONTROL VALVE having the function to de-superheat the steam.

    By Velan ABV S.r.l. based in Capannori (LU), ITALY. from Discrete Tortuous Path Valve Product line

  • TIGERFLOW - Fire Protection Systems

    TIGERFLOW’s fire pump systems are built, tested and ETL/C-ETL third party certified before shipment. SERIES FPS-7000 are cost-effective engineered fire protection systems for commercial, institutional, municipal, and industrial applications. Our systems provide numerous advantages to owners locally, and worldwide. The pump system arrives on ...

    By TIGERFLOW Systems, Inc. based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA). from Fire Protection Systems Product line

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