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Wind Turbine Engineering equipment

  • EWT - Model DW52/54 - 900kW - Wind Turbine

    De DW52/54-900kW turbine is een oorspronkelijk Nederlands ontwerp en door EWT engineers verder ontwikkeld tot een moderne pitch gecontroleerde turbine met variabele rotorsnelheid. De geavanceerde 'direct drive' technologie combineert mechanische eenvoud met superieur design.

    By EWT Holdings N.V. / EWT B.V. based in AL Amersfoort, NETHERLANDS. from Wind Turbine Product line

  • General Electric - Model 3.2-103 - Wind Turbine

    Building on the exceptional performance of the 2.5 MW fleet, GE’s new 3.2-103 brilliant wind turbine generates an impressive 5% increase in energy output while providing the same reliable performance of the 2.85-103. As a brilliant turbine, the 3.2-103 utilizes the power of the Industrial Internet to help manage the variability of wind, ...

    By General Electric based in Fairfield, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Wind Turbine Product line

  • Model SK-Type - Highly Flexible Coupling

    Highly flexible SK couplings are espe­cially well-suited for drives whose power take-off is directly connected to the motor housing. These couplings are highly versatile.

    By Voith GmbH based in Heidenheim, GERMANY. from Wind Turbines Product line

  • Model K-Type - Highly Flexible Coupling

    K couplings are the standard for our highly flexible couplings. They feature modular design and can be integrated into your drive system with a high degree of flexibility. This makes this type of coupling an ideal and cost-effective choice for many appli­cations in a wide range of industrial sectors.

    By Voith GmbH based in Heidenheim, GERMANY. from Wind Turbines Product line

  • SEAWATCH - Model Wind LiDAR - Multi Purpose Buoys

    The SEAWATCH Wind LiDAR Buoy represents the next generation of multi-purpose buoys tailored for the renewable energy industry. The buoy accurately measures the speed and direction of wind across the diameter of wind turbine rotors, whilst sensors provide oceanographic parameters such as ocean waves and current profiles.

    By Fugro OCEANOR AS based in Trondheim, NORWAY. from SEAWATCH - Buoys and Sensors Product line

  • Ameriloc - Model HLD Series - Wind Turbine Locking Device

    The greatest advantage of the HLD Series lies in the significant time savings during installation. This savings increases exponentially with the diameter of the connection. The hydraulic pump, required for assembly, can be a stationary pneumatic, electric unit or manual pump.

    By Ameridrives Couplings based in Erie, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Wind Turbine Locking Device Product line

  • MSI - Wind Turbines

    With wind turbines generating a growing fraction of the world’s energy, it is increasingly important to address the major engineering challenges associated with their design and operation to ensure the reliable delivery of clean, affordable energy. As with any piece of rotating machinery, fatigue often causes early failure, requiring ...

    By Mechanical Solutions Inc. Testing & Troubleshooting based in Whippany, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Britwind - Model R9000 - Wind Turbine

    This wind turbine may be small but it’s the workhorse of the stable. The horizontal-axis R9000 is the UK's biggest selling small wind turbine, it has a power rating of 5kW and an average height of 18m, and is designed to start generating energy at lower wind speeds than many rivals and continues at high wind speeds. Based on an annual wind speed ...

    By Britwind Limited - part of Ecotricity based in Stroud, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • FT - Model FT702LM - Ultra-Compact Anemometer wind sensor

    The FT702LM is an ultra-compact anemometer which uses our patented Acu-Res airflow sensing technology to measure accurately both wind speed and direction. Our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) wind sensor is designed for integration into a wide range of engineering systems. The LM2 Version includes an electronic compass.

    By FT Technologies Ltd. based in Middlesex, UNITED KINGDOM. from Wind Sensor - Turbine Control - OEM Air Flow Sensor Product line

  • Electrical Energy of Wind Turbines

    The output from wind turbine generators varies as the wind blows in gusts rather than at a steady speed. The mismatch between demand and supply can be met for short time periods by a flywheel store allowing time if the wind continues to drop for a back up power supply like a diesel engine can be started.

    By Carbon Reducing Energy Storage Systems (CRESS) based in Redcar, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Marlec - Model Rutland 504 - Windcharger

    The Rutland 504 is a super compact turbine that is great for using wind power for trickle charging. You can be sure that when you arrive on board your batteries will be well charged up and ready for your appliances. Even whilst sailing the Rutland 504 powers oon.

    By Marlec Engineering Company Ltd. based in Corby, UNITED KINGDOM. from Wind Power - Windchargers Product line

  • Model CT Stacks - Turbine Exhaust Systems

    Combustion turbine equipment is expected to handle extreme temperatures and turbulent flow conditions which create highly variable internal pressures and vibration; cyclical loadings is a common operation of most generation facilities; and severe external loads from wind and seismic conditions.

    By Commonwealth Dynamics Inc. based in Portsmouth, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA). from Turbine Exhaust Systems Product line

  • Marlec - Model HRSi - Charge Regulator

    Marlec’s HRSi Charge Regulator once again leads the small wind turbine industry in technology and product features. The HRSi conveniently brings together a Rutland Windcharger charge regulator with an input for up to 160Watts of photovoltaic panels in a single easy to install device. Multi-stage charge control delivers appropriate charge ...

    By Marlec Engineering Company Ltd. based in Corby, UNITED KINGDOM. from Wind Power - Windcharger Controllers Product line

  • Marlec - Model Rutland 504 e-furl - Windcharger

    The Rutland 504 e-furl is a great choice for wind power charging where portability is key. It’s light weight and ease of handling means that you can rapidly have it raised into position and running, generating free power wherever you find yourself.

    By Marlec Engineering Company Ltd. based in Corby, UNITED KINGDOM. from Wind Power - Windchargers Product line

  • Wind Iris

    The Wind Iris is mounted on top of the nacelle for a short period of time. It measures the horizontal wind speed and direction at hub height ahead of the turbine, and generates accurate data to optimize wind turbine performance.

    By Avent Lidar Technology based in Orsay, FRANCE.

  • Model X41 Series - Leak Free Sealless Pumps

    The X41 Series line of sealless regenerative turbine pumps (also known as canned, hermetic, or zero emission pumps) is designed to handle applications with difficult to seal fluids where absolutely leak free performance is required, and mechanical seals simply cannot provide the needed reliability, protection, and performance. All of this is ...

    By MTH Pumps based in Plano, ILLINOIS (USA). from Custom Engineered Products Product line

  • Hydrovolts - Model C-12 - Canal Turbine

    This run-of-river turbine does not need drops or significant engineering to produce clean, reliable hydropower: it can be dropped into moving water to start producing electricity within hours.  The cross-axial design sits perpendicular to the water flow, maximizing swept area and therefore power potential. Hydrovolts turbines leverage several ...

    By Hydrovolts, Inc. based in Seattle, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Danvest - Diesel Engines

    A family heritage within the Danish diesel industry has led Danvest to develop a deep understanding of diesel engine behaviour. It is this detailed understanding that resulted in the complementary relationship between wind turbines and Danvest equipped diesel engines

    By Danvest Energy A/S based in Hellerup, DENMARK.

  • FishFlow - Fish-friendly Screw Turbine

    The FishFlow screw pump annex hydroturbine is a special version of the fishfriendly screw pump that can not only be used to pump water, but that can also function as a fishfriendly turbine to generate electricity. To function as a turbine the Archimedean screw is lowered until the waterlevel upstream of the screw is higher than the upper end of ...

    By FishFlow Innovations based in Medemblik, NETHERLANDS.

  • StealthGen - Model D400 - Wind Generator

    The D400 is a direct-drive wind generator, designed (or a variety of marine and terrestrial applications. It is exceptionally quiet and vibrator-free in operation. The D400 features a powerful 3-phase alternator, and computer-designed rotor blades optimised for low speed, user-friendly operation. This innovative machine is extremely efficient in ...

    By Eclectic Energy Limited based in Ollerton, UNITED KINGDOM.

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