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Model A-58.5/125-4B5 - Concrete Boom Truck



Structure designed with the latest and advanced calculation method. High resistance material. Uniformity of stresses. Low weight and high stiffness. Proportional movements and numberless working positions. Easy maintenance and quick installation

The equipment mainly consists of a fixed base rigidly mounted on the dummy chassis, on which turns a turret supporting the boom
elements with the concrete conveyor pipes. This construction is in alloy sheet steel of high mechanical strength, which ensures maximum safety with minimum weight. The various boom positions are maintained, regardless of the hydraulic control, by special check and lowering control valves, specially produced for this equipment. The boom movements, with optimum rotation ranges (see
technical data and diagrams) have a wide range of adaptation, allowing them to reach any position with the boom’s own radius
of operation.

The independently operated hydraulic outriggers are structured to provide total stabilization of the machine. The four rotation
outriggers with the front telescopic legs can open in the min. allowed space.

The concrete conveyor pipeline, in metal throughout, is constructed from cast bends with differentiated thickness (DIN standard) and straight pipes connected by means of lever couplings, allowing extremely quick dismantling.

Boom movements are obtained using manual controls at the base of the turret; all the functions found in this control unit are also available on a button board with power lead for remote control.  In any case all boom movements have proportional control. The control unit consists of an airtight, thermostable box in insulating, shock-proof material, with circular contact switches allowing more than one movement to be obtained simultaneously. The emergency pushbutton device instantaneously prevents all operation of the equipment, whether from the directional control valve or from the button board. For on-road travel the boom and outriggers are closed and stowed, and the maximum dimensions meet the traffic authority regulations. The specifications and technical data given here are purely guideline and are not binding. Modifications may be made without notice.

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