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Designed originally for Trout production, these cages will protect and house almost any finfish species and would be ideal for the grow-out of Tilapia and Catfish. These cages have been developed over the past 20 years and the latest version has proven robust having been in full-time use for over 20 years, safe for cage staff, easy to operate and specifically designed and built for tough African conditions.

Made from hot-dipped galvanised, low-weight lattice high tensile steel with full 360° non-slip walkways supported on heavy duty PE floats securely mounted directly to the frame, the cages are inter-linkable using a patented quick-release mechanism. Having cages linked allows safe walking access between cages, with subsequent ease of feeding, stock transfers, average weight measurements, collection of mortalities, inspection of nets etc.

Groups can be expanded in any direction as indicated by the blue arrows, and linked to any side of any unit. To maximise water flow within each cage it is advisable to use straight-line configurations wherever possible. Reconfiguration flexibility is incredibly useful and unique when grading, transferring and counting: applies to steel cages only.


Lower Capital Investment
Farming with extra-large HDPE cages requires substantial “big-ticket” support infrastructure of vessels with hydraulic cranes, marine service overheads (docking + fuel etc), whereas our steel cages are designed to be fully operable manually via stable dry walkways with only a motorised raft serving as transport. Huge savings in Capital Infrastructure Investment can instead be more effectively utilised as production working capital.  The side sections of each cage can also be easily and quickly reconfigured into larger or smaller cages which makes this concept the most flexible in the world; perfect for operations starting with juveniles as small as 2gr, and growing out stock to full market size using the same equipment on the same site!

Easy On-site Installation
Cage kits can be delivered anywhere in Africa by flat-bed trucks (standard Triax flat-bed can carry 4 X 15M cages or 8 square cages), and are assembled on site using unskilled labour by means of hand tools alone, no welding or other engineering required. Each walkway side section is approx 6M long including a sturdy pipe handrail at 750mm height, which includes hooks for attaching nets

Add-on Features
Each cage can be ordered with, or without a HDPE holding net according to your specifications. Each net is sewn according to your specifications, and we therefore do not have standard stock items. The holding capacity of an 8M deep net installed in a 15M diameter cage is approx 1,450 m3 besides 1.25 metre of the net being above water. Our polyethylene nets have a UV protection resulting in a lifespan of up to 12 years in the full African sun, unlike nylon nets which need to be replaced every 2-3 years
According to your needs we can supply automated feeders which can be retro-fitted to our cages, plus aeration equipment, oxygen monitoring units with internet* reporting and control systems with real-time security surveillance*. When installing electrical systems such as the above we highly recommend the installation of our professionally designed and site-specific back-up power supply systems

Reliability + Maximum up-time
Normal lifespan is expected to exceed 20 years, with all exposed components at risk of abuse being readily available as spares fitted within hours; without the need to wait for days for an overseas supplier to send a rescue team with all the associated costs and down-time losses! Certain service items like quick-release links need regular checks and periodic replacement
Flexibility + Ruggedness
The unique super-strong attachment system between cages allows for great flexibility in forming either straight lines, zigzags, or stepped configurations also allowing for solid ‘honeycomb’ sets of cages and is engineered to tolerate large waves. A ruggedised ”jointed” variant is in production and is due to be released in 2011 which will cope with larger swells
User Friendly + Adaptability
By using a motorised barge or boat, cages can be easily unlinked, moved and quickly locked in a new position making the task of grading, transfers and harvest simple compared to the highly complicated rigmarole when working with large diameter Plastic Cages

Work Rafts and Work Platforms
Two work surface variants are available; Floating Work Rafts which are motorised and Floating Work Platforms which have no propulsion and are moved by hand, Work Rafts or rubber-ducks etc.  The larger the Work Platform, the more stable it is. We supply in many formats based upon our standard floatation units.

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