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- Model CSDF - α, β and γ Mobile Contamination Meter



The Minitrace CSDF is a unique multipurpose meter for contamination, survey, dose rate, x-rays, food and wipe test measurements. Easy to use, it is the ideal device to simply and quickly identify a potential contamination (cps, Bq, Bq/cm²). The Minitrace CSDF also offers a special mode for food measurement, including the measurement of the background and the measurement of the activity level found in the liquid and smashed food.

  • multifunctional and low cost
  • fast response (1 second)
  • long battery life (2000 hours)
  • visual and acoustic alarm
  • ideally suited to measure the environmental dose rate equivalent (H*(10))
  • integration time adapted to measured value changes
  • additional “mean value mode” for precise measurement of low radiation levels

  • nuclear power plants and reprocessing plants
  • research centres
  • food industry
  • industrial x-ray applications
  • first responders (hospitals, police, fire-brigade and army)

  • Types of radiation: α β et γ
  • Detector: GM Pancake from 15,5 cm²
  • Energy Range: 26 keV to 1.25 MeV
  • Units: μSv/h, cps, Bq, Bq/cm² and Bq/L

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