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- Industrial Paddle Mixers


We are pleased to introduce our line of new industrial paddle mixers. A&J Mixing customizes all our mixers to fit your exact needs & many other options are available. We will work with you to prove we are “good people to mix with” and give you the best return on your investment. Get the best blend possible with our flexible and precise paddle mixers. Our mixers are suitable for a variety of industrial uses.

Our paddle mixer’s 30 second to 1 minute mix time allows for a greater throughput in a smaller footprint. A&J paddle mixers allow for a perfect mechanical blend of 1/2% standard deviation.
Mix fragile or shear-sensitive materials without having to worry about degradation with a noshear paddle. Our no shear paddle design allows for shear sensitive material mixing without degradation.
Our patented Shearmaker design can introduce any shear for mixes that need the predictable introduction of shear with a low temperature rise. Liquid additions with industry leading accuracy and speed, allowing for greater throughputs

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