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A.YITE Technology

- Model GE-137 - Residual Chlorine Analyzer Monitor

Chlorine Monitors are used in many applications requiring the measurement of residual chlorine concentration for chlorine monitoring or residual chlorine dosing control. This water analyzer could work for residual chlorine measuremen in water monitor field, flexibility, reliability and low maintenance, designed to meet the exacting requirements of measuring residual chlorine in the modern environment, it contains many features to ensure the best precision whatever the application. Applications for Residual Chlorine: * Water Disinfection & Drinking Water systerm * Cooling tower chlorine monitoring and control * Swimming pool chlorination control, * Continuous chlorine monitoring * Water treatment plant residual chlorine control * Secondary chlorination free chlorine control * Distribution monitoring for total residual chlorine * Pasteuriser chlorine dosing control * Seawater chlorination control & monitor * Chlorine monitor in seawater

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