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Bacterial fruit blotch (BFB) is a disease of watermelon and other cucurbit crops caused by bacterium . Acidovorax avenae subsp. citrulli (2) (formerly named Pseudomonas pseudoalcaligenes subsp.citrulli). The disease is seed borne and is first noticed as small water-soaked lesions on seedlings. Bacterial fruit blotch can cause crop losses if allowed to progress in fields. Prevention is possible only by planting healthy seeds.

Specificity and sampling instruction    
The DAS-ELISA reagents (1) were made against a blend of different Aac isolates originating from USA, Brazil, and Thailand (R. Walcott, pers. communication). The reagent is su'rtablefor detecting Aac in cultures or in symptomatic plant leaves. All isolates of Aac tested so far can be detected. Isolates of Aac can be detected to a concentration of 104 cfu per ml (diluting bacteria from pure culture in extraction buffer). This detection limit is nearly reached when bacteria are diluted in sap of healthy watermelon leaves. There are cross-reactions with other subsp. of Acidovorax avenae, such as A. avenae subsp. cattleyae (Aacat) or A. avenae subsp. avenae (Aaa).  Best resutts are obtained with an 1:20 (w/v) plant tissue extraction {Art. No. 110120).    with extraction buffer «General»

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