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Our zero air generators from the 737-series will easily satisfy the most demanding requirement for purity. AADCO’s purity specifications: < 1 ppb ozone, methane, hydrocarbons, NO/NOx, H2S, S02, COS, CO, CO2, SF6 and fluorocarbons. All particulates are removed from the source air and never appear in the air product. It is typical for air monitoring equipment, calibrated to zero with cylinder air which is labeled as zero air, to indicate a greater deflection through zero when connected to a 737-series zero air generators, clearly demonstrating the greater purity over cylinder air.

In addition, the dewpoint of the air product from any 737-series zero air generators will not exceed -60 F, making this the ideal air source. Equally important, the oxygen concentration is a constant 21%, as found in the ambient environment. This, again, is in contrast with zero air cylinders where a 6-8% variation in the oxygen concentration is not unusual. This variation has a profound effect when calibration of ozone generators and ozone monitors or total hydrocarbon analyzers is attempted. This oxygen variation effect becomes even more pronounced when multiple instruments and locations are involved.

Consistent Zero Air

The specified purity described from our zero air generators remains absolutely constant from day-to-day, month-to-month and year-to- year. This consistent purity is available from one AADCO zero air generators to the next, anywhere in the world, assuring more positive collaboration between widely separated laboratories which had previously depended upon locally obtained cylinders of zero air. The stable, reproducible output permits precise zero calibration of all ambient air monitoring instruments, regardless of location. It also allows those researchers pursuing environmental impact studies to reliably determine the natural ambient background of any environment. Analysts concerned with the analysis of air from environmental chambers, ambient air, the contents of air cylinders, physiological respirations, etc. are now able to practice vacancy chromatography, differential response chromatography or direct analysis by using the zero air generators output as reference air. Laboratory use of a zero air generators, such as using air as an aid for such activities as evaporation, concentration and derivitization, can avoid side reactions and sample contamination with zero air generators instead of air from questionable sources such as air cylinders or laboratory stopcocks.


Within eight hours, upon completion of the installation and applying power to our zero air generators, full internal pressure, of high purity nitrogen, as show on the nitrogen pressure gauge, will be reached. At this time the READY lamp will light, signifying the continuous availability of usable nitrogen. The operator then sets the output pressure at the using equipment. The flow is also regulated at the using equipment from I – 500 cc/min. The performance of the generator during operation is indicated automatically by various diagnostic lamps and internal pressure gauges.

Elimination of Air Cylinders

In addition to generating consistently clean air, the AADCO zero air generators have effectively eliminated air cylinders and their associated regulators from a great number of laboratories. They now offer an element of safety and convenience for laboratory personnel which has been unavailable until now. All of the inconveniences associated with air cylinders are eliminated the handling of bulky cylinders, mismatched regulators, storage of unused cylinders and the possible mislabeling of FULL and EMPTY, causing uncertainty over residual volume and pressure, demurrage, leaks, dangers of explosions, unavailability of air at critical times due to either poor cylinder deliveries, ordering delays, etc. With floor space at a premium in most laboratories, use of a zero air generators frees that space normally occupied by air cylinders and clean air is always available. These generators are also found in mobile laboratories and remote monitoring stations where zero air is required but cylinder deliveries and changeouts are difficult logistical problems. Some of the AADCO high output units have found application as dry spec, etc. Those applications and techniques which involve Inordinate consumption of quality air, such as atomic absorption, some high pressure liquid chromatography Instruments and flame photometers are best served by zero air generators. These units have proven to be more convenient and economical over the battery of air cylinders which are required to sustain these operations.

Completely Self Contained

All AADCO 737-series zero air generators are completely self-contained units, with their own oil-less air compressors and unique contaminant removal systems. These zero air generators systems are offered in a range of output volumes from 1-Liter/minute to 100 Liters/minute. The small, 1-Liter/minute unit is completely self-contained within one cabinet, including compressor. Its compactness, less than two cubic feet, and light weight, less than thirty pounds, permit easy portability from one work area to another. Bench space requirements are minimal—12 inches wide by 18 inches deep. All connections are made externally to the unit and start-up is accomplished in less than 5 minutes. Every one of our 737-Series zero air generators contain a purification reactor, input and output pressure gauges for ease in monitoring the condition of the compressor systems and establishing output pressure for the receiving equipment, 9-inch rotameter calibrated for the full range of output for each zero air generators, completely variable output flow adjust valve and output pressure regulator. No pressure regulator systems need be supplied by the user. Output flow and output pressure are constant without the use of ballast tanks.

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