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Diagnostic System For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. The NanoLC 400 system is the latest generation in NanoLC from SCIEX and offers the widest flow rate range of any SCIEX NanoLC system to date, enabling a diverse collection of workflows on a single low flow LC/MS system. Interchangeable flow control modules enable users to switch effortlessly between nanoflow and microflow applications. Proteomics researchers no longer have to choose between the high sensitivity of Nano-LC/MS and the high throughput of micro-LC/MS. Now one system can be used to move from protein ID and discovery work to higher throughput targeted assays.

With improvements to SCIEX's proven Microfluidic Flow Control, the NanoLC 400 and MFCPlus technology not only enables the simple interchange between different flow rate ranges, but also ensures reliable gradient delivery and reproducible retention times. This is critical for getting the most out of data-independent strategies for quantitative proteomics like SWATH Acquisition on an SCIEX mass spectrometer and any quantitative proteomics workflow.

The NanoLC 400 system is available in single- and dual-gradient configurations in the same compact footprint; and integration with the cHiPLC system and popular mass spectrometry software packages* makes this system a universal front end to almost any nano-LC/MS system, enabling a broad range of workflows for busy multi-user and multi-instrument proteomics laboratories.

*Direct control through SCIEX Analyst software, and Thermo Xcalibur.

  • Switch easily from nanoflow to microflow with interchangeable flow modules
  • Retention time reproducibility
  • Mass spec software integration

  • Shorter run times and higher throughput can be achieved using microflow instead of nanoflow. Plug & play modules enable effortless switching, and a faster autosampler supports the move from biomarker discovery to verification assays.
  • For quantitative proteomics, maintaining retention time reproducibility is crucial. The latest in Eksigent's Microfluidic Flow Control, MFC Plus' technology uses fast flow measurement in combination with automatic feedback to a regulated pressure source to generate accurate and reproducible flow rates with a resolution better than 1 nl/min. By combining true microfluidic pump control with direct feedback of flow rate, the system eliminates the flow inaccuracies and plumbing problems caused by splitter-based systems. The result is reproducible gradients down to 100 nl/min, without the use of flow splitting, and observed gradient reproducibility typically better than 0.35% RSD. Maintaining a constant column temperature is requisite to obtaining the best possible retention time reproducibility. To address this requirement, the nanoLC 400 systems are available with an optional temperature-controlled column oven that can be regulated to a temperature up to 60eC.
  • Elevated temperatures also can be utilized to decrease column pressure and/or improve separation efficiency. For advanced applications like sample pre-concentration or dual-column set-up. the ekspert nanoLC 400 system offers up to two 10-port nano valves rated at 10,000 psi that are integrated into the autosampler. These 10-port valves have an extremely low port-to-port volume of < 25 nl.
  • With Eksigent's Control Software, users can rapidly set-up experiments and create or modify methods. Method editing wizards and built-in tools provide ease-of-use and help maximize uptime.

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