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- Model H2KMA - Deluxe Model Negative Air Machine



Powerful airflow, rated at 1,300 cfm (L) & 2,000 cfm (H). Two pre-filter stages and a True 99.97% HEPA filter. Equipped with a differential pressure gauge and an audio “change filter” alarm. Superior mobility and durable 20 gauge galvanized steel cabinet. ETL-certified to conform to stringent UL and CSA safety standards.

Legendary Air Cleaning Performance in a Galvanized Steel Cabinet

HEPA-AIRE Negative Air Machines from Abatement Technologies® feature high-quality, galvanized steel cabinets and water tight pop rivet construction. Four standard HEPA-AIRE models are available:

HEPA-AIRE Model H2KM and Deluxe Model H2KMA Negative Air Machines

The powerful HEPA-AIRE model H2KM and deluxe model H2KMA Negative Air Machines from Abatement Technologies are designed for the contractor who wants the very best in performance, reliability and quality. The difference between the two units is that the H2KM is equipped with a visual “change filter” indicator lamp, while the H2KMA deluxe model adds a large 5” diameter differential pressure gauge and an audio “change filter” alarm.

Features of the HEPA-AIRE Model H2KM and H2KMA include:

  • Two Operating Speeds: 2,000 CFM (High) & 1,300 CFM (Low)
  • Weight: 124 Pounds Including Filters
  • Fast ‘No Tools’ Pre-filter Changes
  • Standard 6”-Deep 99.97% Efficiency HEPA Filter Individually Tested and Certified at 2,000 CFM Airflow
  • Also Accepts 12”-Deep Replacement 99.97% Efficiency HEPA Filter High-Performance Motor & Blower
  • Convenient Back Panel-Mounted Controls
  • Two Fixed & Two Locking 4” Swivel Casters
  • Attached Exhaust Collar for 12” Flex Duct Molded Inlet Manifold for 12” Flex Duct (Not included) HEPA-AIRE H2KMA Negative Air Machine

Two export models, the H2MTF and H2MATF, are available for countries with 230-volt/50 hertz power supplies.

  • Net weight w/ filters: 124 lbs. with H242406-99 HEPA; 151 lbs. with H2010M HEPA.
  • Shipping weight: 141 lbs. with H242406-99 HEPA; 168 lbs. with H2010M HEPA.
  • Dimensions - LxWxH: 35 3/4'L x 26'W x 30 1/4'H.
  • Power supply requirements: 115-120 volts AC, 60Hz, 15 amp circuit.
  • Normal operating amps: 10 amps or less.
  • Motor: 1 HP, 2 speed motor with thermal overload protection, auto re-set, 60 HZ, single phase.
  • Operational sound level: 70 dBA on high speed. Reading taken at a distance of 5 feet.
  • Cabinet material: 20 gauge galvanized steel.
  • Transportability: 2 each removable 4', 360° swivel casters with locking feature. 2 each removable 4', fixed position casters.


  • First stage filter: 1' coarse particulate polypad pre-filter (H2001).
  • Second stage filter: 2' pleated particulate pre-filter (H2002).
  • Optional second stage filter: 2' high capacity carbon filter (VL2024).
  • HEPA filter: Tested and certified to an efficiency of 99.97% or higher against 0.3 micron size particles (H242406-99).
  • Optional HEPA filter: Tested and certified to an efficiency of 99.97% or higher against0.3 micron size particles (H2010M).

Air inlet (optional - not included with unit) and outlet collars: Both collars are 12'' in diameter.

Note: Airflow ratings estimates are based on factory and independent testing @ 120 VAC with an air straightener and a traverse of readings taken with a computing vane-anemometer. Actual results may vary for various reasons, including motor and blower and HEPA filter tolerances. Factors such as filter loading, reduced voltage to the motor, and inlet and outlet ducting will reduce airflow. Use these ratings as a general guideline only.

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