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- Model MF 70 & MF 70/M - Mini Wrapper



The ABBRIATA MF 70 and MF 70/M mini wrappers permit completely automatic wrapping of small cylindrical bales with plastic film.

The ABBRIATA MF 70 mini wrapper is a sturdy wrapper for small cylindrical bales that can be coupled with a tractor through a three-point linkage, powered by the tractor’s hydraulic pump as long as it is fitted with a dual command hydraulic command lever.

  • The bale wrapping is completely automatic.
  • The operator has to select the lap winding number he wants (2, 4, 6).
  • The machine will stop automatically wen the bale has been wropped.
  • Stretching of film in percentage: 50%.

The ABBRIATA MF 70/M mini wrapper has features that make it possible to couple to all tractor types using a three-point linkage and is driven by a power take-off via cardan shaft.

The binding of the bales is fully automatic: the operator only needs to decide on the type of binding he wants (the film can be wrapped around the bale 2 or 4 times) and then use the start lever to start binding. Stretching of film in percentage: 50%.

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