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ABR (Anoxic Bioremediation) Technology

Bioremediation is a natural process that uses microorganisms to transform harmful substances into non-toxic carbon dioxide and water. Anoxic Bioremediation Technology (ABR) is an innovative technology for the treatment of waste water and solid waste treatment. It is a cost effective treatment process which works with minimal consumption of electricity, highly result oriented and advanced technology in the field of Wastewater Treatment.

Over long periods of time and without human intervention, nature eliminates both natural and most man made pollution. This happens as naturally occurring microorganisms, enzymes, chemicals and weather combine to eliminate toxins. Recent advances in technology have made it possible to greatly accelerate these natural processes by selecting, concentrating and acclimating micro organisms to attack and eliminate many toxic materials in a matter of weeks rather than decades. ABR Technology is one of such processes where the appropriately selected a combination of microorganisms eliminate the pollutants from domestic and industrial wastewaters and sludge much faster and with limited expense than conventional methods of treatment.

The treatment of wastewater takes place mainly in a Plug-Flow type Anoxic Bio Reactor equipped with Baffle Walls in presence of special blend of Strict and Facultative Anaerobic Live Bacteria present in “Persnickety 713 utilizing combined form of oxygen present in Nitrates (NO3) instead of atmospheric oxygen dissolved in wastewater.

In Conventional Treatment plants a required level of DO (Dissolved Oxygen) is achieved with the help of “Aerators” but in ABR Technology “Agitators” are used in place of “Aerators” just to keep the bacteria in suspension thus saving high amount of energy. The quality of treated effluent generated from “ABR” reactor in terms of major pollutants BOD, COD and TSS is of highest quality as compared to the conventional treatment processes available in the world.

We have achieved BOD up to 5.0 mg/L in Jahra WWTP, which never happened in History of any Treatment Plants running in Kuwait.

  • Pumping stations and Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Lagoons and oxidation ponds
  • Open drains, lakes, ponds and river
  • Slaughter house waste
  • Hotel liquid and solid waste
  • Food and meat processing industry
  • Dairies and poultries
  • Sugar industry, distilleries and breweries
  • Septic tanks and Aquaculture
  • Horticulture waste water reuse
  • Municipal solid waste

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