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- Model A-Mist 6C - Oil Mist Filter



The Absolent type Amist Oil mist filter features one of the most effective systems in the world for cleaning oil mist.

  • Compact filter unit
  • Designed for air flows up to 600m³/h.
  • Can be installed close by or on top of the metalworking machine
  • Especially suitable where floor space is restricted.

No more slippery floors and dangerous mist. Only 0.5 teaspoon per year remains, And clean air!


The HEPA H13 filter guarantees clean air – always. Only the best is good enough!


Our unique filter cassettes capture all particles – giving you 1 year of maintenance free operation.

The highest possible collecting efficiency

The filtered air becomes so clean that it usually can be returned to the premises. This means less loss of energy and a more balanced ventilation.

Extremely low maintenance. Absolent filter units can usually run for at least one year without requiring a filter change. In the majority of applications, Absolent filter cassettes are washable**. This results in a low total cost of ownership.


The filtering process occurs in two stages. The first stage consists of the self-draining Absolent filter, in which up to 90% of the oil mist is arrested. The second stage consists of a H13 HEPA filter, which has a guaranteed and consistent collecting efficiency of 99.97% arresting 0.3μm dia. particles. The filter unit has an electronic pressure gauge, Amonitor, which shows the pressure drop over the different filter stages and indicates when a filter cassette is to be changed. Thanks to the continuous draining of the filter cassettes, the unit can be operated without interruptions. The return oil is collected at the bottom of the filter for recycling.


Amist6C occupies a minimum of space either on the floor or on top of the metal working machine. It has a highly robust design and is supplied with a baked powder painted finish that adds colour to the shop floor.

A very reliable filter unit

The fan, as the only moving component, is placed at the clean-side to minimize ware & tare as well as vibrations.
Extremely low noise level for agreeable working conditions.

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