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- Model SB100 - Chemical-Free, Dissolved Ozone Sanitizing Spray Bottle



Disinfect your food cutting surfaces. Protect your family from dangerous viruses and bacterias. Use ozone to sanitize and save money on household chemicals and detergents. On average 50% of detergents are not as effective as they claim. Most detergents are alkaline based. An unwanted reaction can occur between alkaline and pesticides on the food and create new toxins in the food. Modern people spend 80% of their time in enclosed areas and are susceptible to diseases and viruses. Spray ozone on doors, walls and counter-tops and dissolve these toxins within a matter of minutes.

The EOI SB100 sanitizing spray bottle turns common drinking water into dissolved ozone, a chemical-free sanitizer as powerful as many chemicals but without dangerous chemical fumes or residue. The environmentally friendly, truly ‘green’ solution sanitizes and disinfects to protect against many common pathogens on surfaces. And it’s effective against organic odors.
The tiny electrolytic cell, based on the proprietary Active
 Diamond Electrolytic Process Technology (ADEPT), runs on batteries and creates dissolved ozone on demand from the water itself. Unlike other approaches, there is sanitizing power throughout use and there is no need to wonder if the active ingredient has expired. There are no special salt tablets or chemicals to inventory, and no expensive capital equipment to buy or lease. There is no need to check the concentration every few hours or to keep watch on a narrow temperature window. And since the ozone is produced from the water in the reservoir, it is significantly more efficient than methods that inject ozone gas into water.
Ozone is a naturally strong oxidant and sanitizer, it is ‘generally recognized as safe’ (GRAS) by the FDA and even approved for use on organic foods.

The SB100-Industrial offers a water-based, chemical-free, ‘green’ alternative to harsh chemical sanitizers and deodorizers. Get started today with a better way to sanitize.

Water-Based, Cost-Effective Sanitizer

  • Proven sanitizer generated from waterKills common bacteria and viruses
  • Destroys odor-causing bacteria

Chemical Free and Heat Free

  • Dissolved ozone is produced when water from the tank passes the electrolytic cell
  • Leaves no residue
  • Reverts to O2 and water when the work is done
  • Ozone is a proven sanitizer and it’s ‘generally recognized as safe’ (GRAS) by the FDA and approved for use on organic foods

Ready On Demand

  • Active ingredient is there on demand
  • No waiting or wondering about sanitizer strength
  • No capital equipment to buy or lease
  • No complicated accessories
  • No chemicals to inventory

Easy to Use

  • Spray, wait and wipe (or just air dry)
  • User-friendly lights indicate the sanitizer is there
  • No need to check the concentration or temperature every few hours
  • Runs on long-lasting rechargeable batteries

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