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- Model W™ - Oil-only Sorbent



50 Liters (~10 lbs) of Absorbent W oil-only sorbent in a plastic bag. Absorbent W is designed to contain and control hydrocarbons (oil-based liquids) while repelling water. Absorbent W is made from wood pulp reclaimed from the manufacturing of paper products. Manufactured through a patented process, it absorbs oil immediately on contact while repelling water; it even floats when saturated. The hydrocarbons are absorbed into the cellulose fibers, preventing leaching in and draining commonly associated with polypropylene sorbents. The performance attributes of Absorbent W particulate make it ideal for clean up of oil-based liquids in the presence of water.

Absorbent W is a hydrocarbon-specific cellulose absorbent and filter medium that instantly removes hydrocarbons from water in a wide range of difficult applications. Absorbent W is routinely used in applications where traditional technologies are not applicable. W is engineered to allow water to flow through the particulate while trapping hydrocarbons.

Absorbent W may be used in bulk particulate form or in contained socks, booms or pillows. In bulk form, the product can be spread or made into a berm, which allows oily water to pass into the product and captures the oils while allowing the water to pass on through. In contained products, Absorbent W can be used on open water or in containment vessels. The product is ideal in applications where its instant oil absorption and open flow-through abilities allow W to remove hydrocarbons from flowing water.

Background Information

  • Use to provide instant oil absorption. The product works using the natural fast absorption and holding powers of cellulose fibers.
  • Absorbent W’s fibers are surface treated to produce an oil-specific molecular sieve.
  • Bundles of W fibers are formed into corn-flake sized particles, which nest loosely together with open spaces between the particles. This allows water to flow through the particulate, drastically increasing the exposed surface area for fast absorption. This also allows water to pass through the materials while capturing the hydrocarbons within the fibers.
  • W is an absorbent not an addsorbent, which means liquids are collected in the center of the fibers vs. clinging to the sides of fibers like synthetic absorbents do.
  • W is made from 100% reclaimed pulp and paper-mill waste and is processed using renewable green energy.
  • W is biodegradable and incinerable with positive BTU value.
  • W absorbs over 3 times its weight in hydrocarbons; and can scrub oil out of water down to the 2 ppm concentration range.

  • Active Spill Cleanup of Waterways
    Use to pick up oil and remove sheen from active spills after traditional containment booms and/or oil skimmers are finished -- or impractical -- and poly products are limited in usefulness. Products – booms and pillows
  • Wetland / River Bank Cleanup
    Use to clean up marshlands, riverbanks, ditches or floodplains, where vegetation or other materials do not allow traditional products to fall in between the spaces. Product – particulate
  • Land-Based Leaks and Spills in Wet Conditions
    Use to resolve leaking or spilled land-based problems in wet conditions, such as vehicle accidents and ruptured drums, where hydrocarbons are floating on thin layers of water. W allows water to pass through while filtering out the oils. Products – particulate, socks, pillows
  • Storm Water Catchment
    Oily water entering a storm water catch basin can be caught in pillows or sock barriers above the basin or in a catch basin insert filled with product. Product – pillows, socks
  • Oily Water Filter
    Absorbent W can be placed in a flow-through containment bucket such as the W Scrubber 55 to dump or pump oily water through (has been used in local ferries for years). Product - particulate
  • Wildlife Rehabilitation
    Absorbent W has been used as bedding material in rehabilitating oil-soiled animals. Product - particulate

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