Clean Seas, LLC

Clean Seas, LLC

Absorbents/Dispersants/Spray Equipment


Clean Seas maintains a large inventory of absorbents including booms, sweeps, blankets, sheets, bags, and 'pom-poms' inventories are stored in the Carpinteria Yard, on Oil Spill Response Vessels, and in vans situated throughout the Clean Seas Area of Response. Additional quantities are available as back-up supplies from warehouses in the Los Angeles area.

Corexit #9527

  • 18,000 gallons of Corexit #9527 dispersant are stored at the Clean Seas Support Yard, and on the Oil Spill Response Vessels.

Helicopter Chemical Dispersant Spray Unit

  • Two (2) Simplex Model 2000 helicopter dispersant sprayers with 150-gallon buckets and 32 foot booms.

Surface Chemical Dispersant Spray Unit

  • Two (2) surface dispersant spray units with pump, booms, and mountings for OSRV's.

Capability to use five monitors for dispersant application.

Transfer Pumps

  • Seven (7) Desmi Pumps (DOP 250) used as a cargo transfer pump, can move a product at a rate of 440 GPM. These submersible pumps feature a modified archimedes screw pump including a built-in rotating sealing disc which interlocks with the screw windings. This allows the pumps to provide up to 150 psi. Hydraulic flow on this model is 42 GPM. Maximum hydraulic pressure is 3,000 psi.
  • Two (2) FRAMCO TK-150 Pumps. The TK- 150 has the capability to transfer a product at a rate exceeding 600 GPM. This submersible unit is a single-stage centrifugal portable pump.
  • Three (3) YanMar diesel powered 2-inch Master Pumps with a rated capacity of 125 BPH provides highly portable and safe pumping capacity.
  • Five (5) YanMar diesel powered 3-inch diaphragm pumps with a pumping capacity of 114 BPH.
  • Five (5) Hydraulic powered 2-3 inch double stage submersible pumps.

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