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Because Accell can act to direct bacterial metabolism, it helps to control biofilm, a source of hydrogen sulfide, which leads to sewer line corrosion. Several years of use in sewer systems in major metro Wastewater Districts have shown that Accell delivers significant reductions in hydrogen sulfide. Reduced corrosion can save municipalities significant dollars in their spend on capital restoration by preserving equipment.

To set up an evaluation, please contact your Accell® Representative, who can review your facility and its specific issues. Then we can define the objectives of the treatment, as well as the measurement protocols and metrics used to document the results.

The following information will help us to assess your needs and propose a treatment protocol.
  1. Description of sewer lines, forced main or gravity
  2. History of treatment
  3. Results from past treatment, corrosion issues and reconstruction
  4. Equipment preservation goals
Typical dose rate is to feed continuously at 1 to 10 ppm of Accell®3, but are dependent on the type of equipment used and the condition of the water in terms of levels of BOD, TSS, FOG, DO. Accell®3 is a highly concentrated version (approximately 3X) of Accell® for facilities with very high water flow rates.

Accell®3 was continuously dosed into Site 1 at a level of 1 ppm, and during the 6-weeks period of time after injection started, samples of sewage water were taken downstream from the point of injection at 6 points, spread over a 9-mile long sewer line going to the wastewater treatment plant. Both side inflows of untreated sewer caused an increase in hydrogen sulfide levels as water moved downstream from Site 1. Accell®3 was able to mitigate the sulfide formation more efficiently than any other treatment that had been previously tried.

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