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- Model 4000 - Digital Access Control System


The Accessor 4000 turns any existing key lock into a complete access control system. Whether you need to monitor access to a building, specific office, or a fenced site, the Accessor offers complete control over who enters, and when. Each self-contained key box can be programmed with up to 1,000 access codes. With the easy to use ACE software, you have complete access control with scheduled entry times and up to 5 levels of access. Each entry is retained in the audit log for easy retrieval of all user information.

For 2001 we've added the ability to use the Accessor 4000 in stand alone mode; no need to connect it to a computer...ever. You can now add and delete users right from the keypad. To make full use of all the Accessor 4000 features, including entry logging, scheduled access and temporary users, you'll still want ACE, our easy to use, free software for the PC. The self-contained, battery operated unit requires no wiring, and is easily installed next to any door or lock. Several models are available for mounting on chain link fences including our unique Gate/Fence model that replaces the padlock on fences secured with chains. Weather and vandal resistant housings insure security and make the Accessor 4000 perfect for either indoor or outdoor applications. With the Accessor 4000, you control access to secured areas, establish entry schedules, and keep complete records of all users, all without the hassle of lost keys or rekeying.

Easy to Use...

  1. Enter your code
  2. Open the Accessor to gain access to your key
  • Provides access control to any entry with an existing lock
  • Battery operated and fully self-contained
  • No electrical wiring required, saves time and money on installation
  • Easy retrofit, installs next to any door or lock, even padlocks
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Eliminates the need to carry keys or cards
  • Eliminates lost keys and lock rekeying
  • Easy to program
  • Limit user access days and times
  • Easily add and delete temporary employees
  • Audit logging lets you find out who entered and when
  • Add user at the Accessor
  • Delete users at the Accessor
  • Supports up to 1000 users
  • Nonvolatile memory
  • Year 2000 compliant
  • Removable dust cover for indoor use
  • Durable metal housing and keypad
  • Large key compartment suitable for several keys
  • Precision machined latch mechanism
  • Easily accessable serial port

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