Accu-Tab System

Accu-Tab System

- Model 3012 - Aquatics Chlorinator For Aquatics



Accu-Tab chlorinators are made of rigid PVC with seven standard sizes available for industrial applications — 3012, 3075, 3150, 3530, 30600, 361000 and 481200. Axiall has an Accu-Tab chlorinator for nearly every requirement — from less than a pound a day to a few hundred pounds a day. The Accu-Tab system combines uniquely designed, patented chlorinators with slow release 68% calcium hypochlorite to provide one complete system for tablet chlorination.

  • Chlorine Delivery (Range (lbs/hr.) : Up to 0.57
  • Tablet Capacity (lbs.) : 12
  • Unit Inlet Size (NFPT) : 0.75”
  • Unit Outlet Size (NFPT) : 1.5”
  • Height : 26”
  • Diameter : 9”

The Accu-Tab® system is easy to install and can be integrated into any existing system with low capital investment. Once in place, the system runs simply and efficiently with little to no maintenance.

  • Accu-Tab three-inch tablets sit on top or a sieve plate inside the chlorinator.
  • Intake water (low to the chlorinator is adjusted to control chlorine delivery.
  • Untreated water rises through holes in the sieve plate contacting with bottom of tablets. The balance or the tablets remain dry.
  • Chlorinated water is returned to the main system (low with the appropriate amount of chlorine.

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