- Liquid Drilling Fluid Polymer



ACCU-VIS/Cetco Crumbles blends a granular bentonite with a quick activating liquid polymer to form a slurry that provides an economical way to seal and grout boreholes, well casings, and earthen structures. Once set, the slurry forms a complete grout seal with low permeability.

  • To decommission abandoned boreholes and grout geothermal heat loops.

  • Delayed hydration, allowing bentonite to expand in borehole
  • Flexible seal with a low permeability; protects aquifer from surface contaminants
  • Generates no heat of hydration
  • Minimal grout settlement
  • Pumps with gear pump at reduced pressure

Add 8 ounces ACCU-VIS to 24 gallons (0.25 liters per 109 liters) of freshwater and mix well. Quickly add one 50 pound bag (22.7 kg) of CETCO CRUMBLES to the ACCU-VIS slurry while mixing gently. Start pumping when the CETCO CRUMBLES are completely dispensed into water/polymer mixture. After the batch is pumped, flush pump, hoses, and tremie pipe with freshwater.

Pump ACCU-VIS/CETCO CRUMBLES slurry through a tremie pipe inserted down the annular space. Fill the annulus from the bottom up and withdraw the tremie pipe slowly as the slurry is discharged. Pump until the grout returned at the surface is the same density as the grout being pumped into the hole.

Pump the pre-mixed ACCU-VIS/CETCO CRUMBLES slurry through an open-ended drill pipe or tremie pipe. Fill the hole from the bottom up, and withdraw the drill or tremie pipe slowly as the hole fills.

  • CETCO CRUMBLES, ~50 lb (22.7 kg) bags, 48 per pallet. ACCU-VIS, ~44 lb (19.8 kg) pail, 32 per pallet. All pallets are plasticwrapped.

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