AMACS Process Tower Internals

- Accuflow Inlet Diffusers


The Accuflow Vane Type Inlet Separator uses a series of contracting vanes to slow and disperse the inlet mixture over the vessel cross section. They are particularly useful in horizontal slug catchers, test separators and production separators. They are also used to reduce the required disengagement space above and below the inlet nozzle, allowing a designed reduction in vessel height. Accuflows are robustly designed for a long life in severe services. They are available in a wide range of commercial alloys, most commonly SA-516 GR 70, 304L SS, and 316L SS.

Higher gas flows into existing separators create poor gas distribution. Localized high velocities can also cause the gas to jet into the liquid surface. This in turn creates additional liquid entrainment and may flood the mist elimination device, resulting in liquid carry over. A properly designed inlet diffuser removes liquids and solids and evenly distributes the gas flow over the downstream separator.

In a similar manner, an inlet diffuser will improve operation of a distillation tower. Applications with flashing feeds or reboiler returns will see significant improvements. Diffusers give improved phase distribution with negligible pressure drop.

  • Eliminates high liquid loads on vessel internals
  • Dissipates high inlet gas velocities
  • Prevents reentrainment of liquid droplets from the liquid level in the vessel
  • Maximizes gas distribution and avoids channeling
  • Made in sections to go through a manway
  • Can be designed for vertical or horizontal separators

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