Wright Flow Technologies, Inc.

- Rotary Lobe Pump



IEC or NEMA flange mounting options with integral geared speed reduction.Bulkhead fitted or Foot mounted.Hygienic front-loading seals.Standard 0.6m Ra finish

  • Providing optimum flow/pressure envelope
  • Pressure rated to 12 bar
  • Multi-lobe rotors for improved accuracy & lower pulsation
  • Universal mounting
  • Hygienic front cover
  • Flush rotor retainers
  • All wetted parts in 316L, Alloy 808 rotors optional
  • Heating & Cooling jacket available for front cover
  • Drain/Vents available for rotorcase
  • Semi Fluid grease, no routine maintenance
  • 3A& FDA options available
  • Certified to EHEDG cleanliness requirements

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