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- Model AT-5000 EasyApp - Battery-powered Digital Telemetry System



The AT-5000 is a battery-powered, 12 bit resolution, digital telemetry system with a low mounting profile and low power consumption. The system is easily installed, with no shaft modifications, using a single aramid fiber strap. The AT-5000 EasyApp is a perfect solution for applications requiring dependable data retrieval and easy installation and operation.

  • Number of channels: 1. Note: through use of a different transmitter frequency, a second unit may be mounted adjacent, providing a 2nd channel.
  • Bandwidth: DC-1 kHz, with sampling rates of 7812 samples/second or 11718 samples per second.
  • G forces: 8000 G's.
  • Inputs: strain gage (torque or similar), and temperature (K thermocouples), voltage, accelerometer.
  • Outputs: 0 +/- 10V.
  • Digital telemetry provides higher levels of signal integrity than analog FM techniques.

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