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The AccuPro line of dispensers delivers dilution accuracy regardless of fluctuations in water pressure. AccuPro pressure regulation technology eliminates dilution variance by controlling the amount of water allowed into the unit, never allowing it to “lean out” the desired dilution target. Many of your favorite features in the AccuPro have been included in Hydro Systems’ next generation dispenser, the AccuMax.

Why worry about water pressure?

The AccuPro line of dispensers takes chemical management to a whole new level. Easily dilute concentrated chemicals at the push of a button.

Chemical performance (and sales) get diluted as water pressure rises. High water pressure results in improperly diluted chemicals, poor cleaning performance, and lost chemical sales. Consistency of dilution means a lot when your reputation is on the line. AccuPro Technology ensures properly dispensed, effective dilutions every time.

The AccuPro is available in three configurations (1, 2 or 3 button) and 2 types of eductors (E-Gap and AirGap.)

AccuPro Technology

For most venturi units, 40 PSI is the highest water pressure before dilutions start leaning out. AccuPro Pressure Regulation Technology uses metering tips and innovative engineering to control the flow of water. Now, even when your PSI goes above 40, dilution stays the same.

Chemical Supplier Benefits

  • Reduces liability from falling onto you, as the supplier, due to “lean” disinfectant/sanitizer dilutions
  • Ensures chemical sales growth
  • Guarantees proper chemical performance
  • Positions you as a leading-edge supplier
  • Increases account retention

End User Benefits

  • Reduces liability of their company due to “lean” disinfectant/sanitizer dilutions
  • Eliminates re-cleaning required with improperly diluted chemicals
  • Avoids leaks found with external pressure regulators
  • Delivers cleaner, safer facilities
  • Non-electric, sustainable unit

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