- Model 4600 - Remote Sensing System


The Accuscan 4600 system measures vehicle emissions in real time by using optical gas and particulate monitoring technology, set up at exhaust pipe height on the side of the road.


A series of UV and IR light paths directed across the road quickly and accurately measure levels of CO, CO2, NOx, HC and particulate (expressed as “smoke factor”). The vehicles’ speed and rate of acceleration is also measured, and a photograph, clearly showing the number plate of each vehicle, is taken.

The Accuscan system is capable of measuring the individual emissions of each and every vehicle that drives through an invisible monitoring path, thereby building up a detailed and comprehensive database which can be used for a number of applications, including:

  • Fleet characterisation.
  • Identification of high polluting vehicles (Gross Emitters).
  • Clean screening programmes.
  • Air quality forecasting.
  • Local air quality management action plans.

Although some clients may choose to purchase the equipment outright, many local authorities have seen direct cost benefits through commissioning a bespoke ET vehicle emissions study.

We offer fleet characterisation studies to those local authorities looking to monitor areas that attract heavy traffic or major commuter routes into and out of parts of the towns or cities where it has been difficult to reduce air pollution.

Our tailored short to medium term vehicle emissions monitoring studies, which we are able to offer customers on an operated rental basis, include:

  • A pre-study consultation, fact-finding and objective review meeting.
  • Provision of a van, a remote sensing vehicle emissions monitoring system and operators.
  • A monitoring programme.
  • Supply of data.
  • An optional consultant’s report and expert analysis.

Our cost-effective studies can be implemented over a two-week or four-week programme. Longer term and repeat programmes are also available.

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