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- Model 780 AD - Single Particle Optical Sizing Systems



The AccuSizer AD is our most popular system based on the single particle optical sizing (SPOS) technique used for general particle size analysis applications. The AccuSizer AD provides exponential autodilution to your sample, automating sample preparation while still providing accurate concentration information. Inject your sample into the mixing vessel and let the AD system do the rest.

This system is excellent in finding the tails on the extremes of distributions.These tails of large particles (usually greater than 1 micron) can have huge consequences for a wide range of industrially important nanoparticle systems like inkjet inks and CMP slurries and emulsions.Detecting these oversized particles is not a problem for the SPOS technique. Nanoparticle systems are often extremely concentrated. Accurate particle concentrations require accurate dilutions and busy laboratories require fast dilutions. Both of these needs are met with Particle Sizing Systems patented autodilution system. Fast and accurate autodilution combined with the ability of SPOS to count those pesky boulders that can scratch or clog or undergo Ostwald ripening , the Accusizer 780 AD system is the perfect solution for the quality lab or researcher.

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