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The AccuVap EVS™ Evaporation System is a fully automated way to concentrate offline samples ranging in volume from a few to hundreds of milliliters of solvent. The AccuVap EVS™ can replace more manual evaporation methods like kudera-danish and rotary evaporation. The AccuVap EVS™ has quantitative transfer, unlike other semi-automated evaporation systems. A new way to concentrate! The AccuVap EVS™ combines gentle heat and vacuum to concentrate large volumes of solvent. Precise control devices monitor solvent volume, temperature and vacuum to ensure controlled evaporation.


  • Enclodes evaporation chamber; No heated oil bath
  • Three heating zones with user defined heating rate and vacuum settings for each zone
  • Programmable Vacuum control
  • Two endpoint settings: dryness or defined endpoint volume (1-5 mL)


  • Manages use of up to three solvents for sample exchange, final solvent and rinsing
  • Syringe precision:
  • Add a pre-evaporation spike
  • Add a keeper solution
  • Reconstitute sample in choice of solvent
  • Perform up to two solvent exchanges with user defined heat and vacuum
  • Up to two rinses with user defined heat rate and solvent addition time


  • Windows-based PC software
  • Operation mode: Evaporation Only


  • Up to 72 samples per sequence
  • Sample from 16x100 mm vials
  • Collect in to GC vials or 16x100 mm vials
  • Specialty trays available upon request


  • Solvent Recovery Module
  • Internal Temperature Probe

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