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- Solid Core Particles for LC Columns



The advantages of  ACE UHPLC/HPLC columns. Now available with solid-core particles and extended pH Stability. Ultra-inert solid-core phase manfactured using the unique Encapsulated Bonding Technology (EBTTM). 2.5µm and 5µm ultra pure solid-core (superficially porous) particles. Monodisperse particle distribution combines high efficiency with low pressure. Achieve UHPLC efficiency and performance on HPLC instrumentation. SuperC18 and SuperPhenylHexyl phases with extended pH stability.

Two bonded phases give complementary selectivity for rapid method development.

  • Excellent reproducibility and column lifetime.
  • Ultra-inert phases ensure excellent peak shape.

ACE UltraCore SuperC18 and SuperPhenylHexyl phases are manufactured using our unique Encapsulated Bonding Technology (EBT). This technology dramatically increases ligand coverage of the silica surface and effectively eliminates the negative effects of unbonded silanol groups. The higher ligand coverage results in improved inertness, chromatographic performance and stability.

Comparison of column inertness:

  • Solid-core columns from leading manufacturers investigated
  • Comparison of column efficiency for pyridine, a basic molecule
  • Efficiency measured at 50% peak height

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