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ACEBag is made of durable synthetic geotextile with adequate opening size, offers high permeability and good resistance to weathering.

Rather than making the bags from degradable natural fibers, however, the use of UV-stabilized polymeric fibers has added new life into such structures. With high tensile strength and low deformation, ACEBag can be filled with in-situ soil and can be specially modified to fit the particular application at hand. Coordinating with client’s demand, ACEBag could be appended hanging loops for disposal or transportation.

ACEBag-g utilizes a high-strength synthetic fabric coated with polymer material. ACEBag-g with high tensile strength, tearing strength, puncture resistance and seam strength is suitable to use for the protection of natural bank and temporary slope retaining structures.

ACEBag can be filled with different materials, such as excessive soil or sediment from the river bottom. Filled bags can be further applied in river or marine applications, soil filling projects or temporary slope protections. ACEBag® is also an ideal option of dewatering device for a small amount of sludge treatment.

  • Reinforced Embankment
  • Reinforced Wall and Slope
  • Dune Reinforcement
  • Groin
  • Detached Breakwater
  • Reclamation Works
  • Coastline Protection
  • River Bank Protection
  • Pipeline Protection
  • Dredging of Sediment
  • Tailing and Minewater Dewatering
  • Sewage Sludge Dewatering

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