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- Polyester Yarns



ACE Geogrid known as ACEGrid( Geogrid ) is woven by high strength polyester (PET) yarns with various mesh sizes and specifications. Woven ACEGrid( Geogrid ) is created through interlacing, usually at right angles, two or more yarns or filaments. Exterior of ACEGrid( Geogrid ) is coated with PVC or nontoxic substance material for UV, acid, and alkali resistance and to prevent the bio-decomposition. ACEGrid( Geogrid ) is widely introduced to the various fields of civil engineering, transportation engineering, and environment issues. The reinforced steep slopes, reinforced retaining earth walls, reinforced embankments, reinforced abutments and piers are typical applications where geogrids are used. The resulting grid structure possesses large openings (called apertures) that enhance interaction with filling material.

ACEGrid reinforces the soil, redeeming the soil strain and increasing its stability. Reinforced walls can be seeded with grass or retain living plants during installation. After the plants grow, the wall is beautiful and natural green, providing homes for insects and animals in the environment. More also ACEGrid can be applied for following projects,

  • Reinforced Embankment
  • Reinforced Wall and Slope
  • Soft Soil Stabilization
  • Bridge Abutment Reinforcement
  • Paving Reinforcement
  • Road Base Reinforcement
  • Airport Runway Base Reinforcement
  • Railway Track Reinforcement
  • Road Widening
  • Noise Reduction Barriers

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