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Model ACF 465 - Separating Decanter



This decanter has been designed for processing by-products in the meat, rendering and fish industry.

The solid-wall bowl has a cylindrical section for efficient clarification and separation of the liquids and a conical section for drying the solids. Due to the centrifugal forces, the solids are flung onto the bowl wall and are transported by the scroll to the solids discharge. On decanter type ACF 465-03-.. the clarified and separated light liquid phase is gravity discharged while the heavy liquid phase is discharged under pressure via centripetal pump. On decanter type ACF 465-05-.. the clarified and separated liquid phases are separately discharged by gravity. The housing consists of a frame with supporting feet, protective plates and catchers for the discharged phases. The bowl is seated in a selfsupporting, pillow block steel housing. The machine is driven by a frequencycontrolled 3-phase AC motor via V-belts. The drive system permits automatic torque measurement and differential speed control.

The optional Westfalia Separator wewatch system permits permanent monitoring of bearing condition and unbalance behaviour as a basis for targeted preventive maintenance. All product-contacting parts are made of stainless steel, gaskets are made of NBR or FKM.

Technical Data

Process data

  • Bowl diameter: 460 mm
  • L / D ratio: 4.0
  • Speed: max. 3300 min

Energy requirement

  • Rating main motor: 45 kW
  • Speed at 50 Hz: 3000 min
  • Speed at 60 Hz: 3600 min
  • Rating secondary motor: 15 kW


  • Decanter, complete: approx. 3820 kg

Scope of delivery
  • 3-phase AC motor for main and secondary drive
  • Hard-metall bushes for solids discharge ports
  • Scroll armouring for increased wear protection


  • Motor control
  • Set of special tools
  • Speed measuring device for bowl and differential speeds
  • Bearing temperature monitoring
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Set of sound proofing parts
  • Westfalia Separator® wewatch® condition monitoring for preventive maintenance

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