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Zamkon Company

Model Type ZYA40 - Acid-Proof Y-Type Stop Globe Valve



Diameter - 15 -200 mm. Pressure - 40 bar (flanged may be drilled for 6, 10, 16, 25, bar). Temperature - up to 250°C for acids, bases and other aggressive media. - up to 550°C for non-toxic media.  (with PTFE sealing up to 200°C). Medium - acids, liquors, water, steam and other non-toxic and non aggressive liquid and gas media, engine fuel.


  • type - body material / ends / disc and disc ring / others
  • Example: ZYA40 / --- / --- / ---
  • Example: ZYB40 / S / P / ---


  • Stop globe valve is designed to open and stop the flow. The valve is not supposed to be used as a regulating device. For regulation the version „R” with throttling plug should be applied.

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