- Model CEW4 Series - Wireless Multiset Gas Detection and Control System



The CEW4Quadset system monitors up to 4 remote sensors wirelessly over a 900MHz or 2.4GHz network. This results in substantial savings in labor and material costs during installation. While typically used for enclosed parking facilities where CO and NO2 (for Diesel fumes) are the gases detected, the CEW4 can monitor other toxic gases such as carbon dioxide, ammonia and hydrogen sulfide or combustibles such as methane and propane. System configuration is done through a removable keypad prohibiting unauthorized tampering. The CEW4 utilizes electrochemical CO and NO2 sensors each covering an area of a circle having a 50ft radius. The sensors are battery operated with a battery life of 2 years. Both sensor and battery are easily serviceable in the field when required.


The QuadSet CEW4 system provides wireless gas detection for relatively small applications requiring up to 4 sensors. The data communication between the battery operated sensors and the control panel takes place via a proprietary protocol over a 900MHZ RF network (2.4GHZ also available).

The ACME CEW4 series is a microprocessor-based up to 4 channels multigas wireless detection and control system that can be used with a wide variety of ACME toxic, combustible, refrigerant & oxygen gas sensors. The sensors can be grouped in any combination. The communication between the Control Panel and the remote Sensor-Transmitters is accomplished through a 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz wireless network.

The LCD display provides a continuous digital read-out of gas concentrations for each sensor-transmitter, as well as levels status (L, H & A), the battery voltage and the time elapsed in minutes since the last transmission.

In its most basic configuration, the CEW4 Control Panel supports up to 4 channels where each channel is treated independently controlling a fan zone.

In this configuration, all channels have their own SPDT relay output at Low gas levels and/or a 4-20mA signals proportional to the gas readings. In a more practiced application, the channels arc divided into groups that collectively serve various fan zones. In this latter configuration each group (zone) has a set ofrclayoutputcontactsat Low gas levels and/or 4-20mA signal proportional to the demand from that group.

High & Alarm gas level SPDT relay outputs are always common to all channels.

The CEW4 series Sensor-Transmitters are available with different sensor technologies depending on the type of gas detected. Electrochemical cell type sensors are com mon for most of the toxic gases, non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) for C02 & Refrigerant Gases and Combustible Gas sensors are catalytic bead (pcllistor) type.

The Sensor-Transmitters' batteries are designed for a 2-year life. The Sensor-Transmitters are also available with 24V AC input instead of batteries.

Acme also offers a version ol the CEW where a maximum of 32 channels is supported. Output configurations are more versatile and a removable user ad is available to customize the system parameters.

  • FCC/IC/ETSI/CE approved RF modules for up 10 4 remote sensor-cransraitters.
  • Minimal installation cost - virtually no field wiring required.
  • Continuous 2 year Battery-powered sensor operation with self diagnostics. Sensors arc also available for 24V AC operation.
  • Relay outputs or zoned 4-20mA outputs from the Control Panel.
  • 'Plug-and-play'.

  • Energy savings through the intermittent operation of ventilation equipment in enclosed facilities.
  • Suitable for garages, tunnels, warehouses and other enclosed commercial locations where .1 hazardous build-up of gases may occur.
  • Ideal for retrofit of existing buildings to improve safety and conserve energy.
  • Designed tor multiple stage projects.

  • Gases detected : CO. Diesel Fumes (N02). C02. 02. H2. H2S. Ammonia, etc. Methane. Propane & Butane Family ol refrigerant gases
  • Sensortechnology : Electrochemical. NDIR or Catalytic Bead
  • Sensing method : Diffusion type
  • Detection range : Varies by gas
  • Accuracy : */- 5ppm or reading
  • Power requirements : Battery (12V DQ Also availabe in 24V AC
  • Battery life : 2 Years
  • Communication : 900 MHz Wireless network Also available in 2.4 GHz
  • Communication range : 1500-2000 ft., (indoors)
  • Operating temperature : 32°F to 104-F (0°C to +40°Q'
  • Humidity range : 0-95% RH Non-condensing
  • Expected lifetime : Electrochemical CO: 7 years: Electrochemical other: 2 Years; 3 Years tor Catalytic Bead: 10 Years for NDIR:
  • Enclosure : NEMA3
  • Calibration verification : Yearly

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