- Model 2 - Manual Colony Counter


The new aCOLade 2 manual colony counter is an ideal choice for budget-conscious microbiology laboratories. It consists of an illuminated receiver plate and a large LED display. The pressure of marking a colony with a felt-tip pen registers a cumulative count on the digital display with confirmation by audible tone (can be turned on or off). The pressure required to register a count can be adjusted to suit each user. Sub-stage illumination by low energy bright LEDs allows glare-free optimum viewing. A switchable black background is provided to enhance viewing of translucent and difficult to see colonies. Supplied with two graticules and dish centering adapters to facilitate use with 50mm - 90mm dishes. A choice of magnifiers are available as optional accessories.

  • Pressure sensitive counting
  • Bright white energy saving LED lighting
  • Antimicrobial protection
  • Audible count confirmation
  • Choice of light or dark background

  • Lighting White LED array
  • Digital display  3 digit LED
  • Count  0 - 999
  • Dimensions (w x d x h) 310 x 300 x 140mm
  • Net weight 1.5kg

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