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- Model VHF - Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine



VHF Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine is designed for continuous treatment of hydraulic oil by removing free, emulsified and dissolved water, free and dissolved gases, and particulate contaminants to prolong lifetime of hydraulic system. It utilizes high precision filter elements, digital temperature controller, vacuum monitor, pressure monitor and interlocked protection system to ensure maximum performance and reliability. VHF Hydraulic Oil Cleaning  Machine can help users reduce operating costs and consumption, enhance life of hydraulic equipment.

Water, gas and impurities dissolved in oil has following influence

  1. Reduce performance of equipment
  2. Damage the lubrication system
  3. Destroy the property
  4. Accelerate the oxidation of oil VHF Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine can remove 100% free water, 100% dissolved gas and reduce dissolved water to 50 ppm. It also use high precision filter elements to remove 99% impurities. After purification by hydraulic oil filtration machine, the cleanness of oil can achieve NAS 6 grade.

  1. Removing0 impurities, free carbon, gas, metal impurities, acid value effectively and improve the aviation hydraulic oil cleanliness, security, oil safety and extend the oil lifetime.
  2. Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine can remove 99% particulate more than 1 micron or higher
  3. Over pressure alarm system, overloaded protect system, emergency stop system , plugged filters  indication
  4. Gear type discharge pump, fully automatic liquid level controller.
  5. High processing efficiency, deliver outstanding technical performance and enhance environmental safety.

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