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acoustic enclosures for air blower


Enfound offer the most effective acoustic enclosures of blowers to insulate the workers from the noise. Our sound reduction enclosures have been designed for effective noise reduction of blowers placed inside. Our economical design provides noise reduction of 8-12 dB(A) bringing down the total noise emitted to safe acceptable limits. Features : 1.Mobility The enclosures can be easily shifted or transported . Easy maintenance 2. Suitable for open installation and hence require no separate building or shed. Specifications and Construction : 1.The robust body work of sound reduction enclosures is due to its construction from preformed heavy gauge sheet steel section and equip excellence absorb the sound materials. 2 Air Circulation Sufficient cooling air inlet acoustic louvers and exhaust fans are provided in the enclosure for efficient air circulation avoiding derating of the machine. Installation The sound reduction enclosures can be easily & quickly assembled at site.

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